Sales & Metrics - What Are We Really Measuring?

As a consultative business development specialist my clients often ask me to provide metrics on my sales efforts. Fair enough, but what do they really mean?

Hook Me Up, Buttercup

Lean on me.

Or better yet, let me lean on you.

Recognition’s Dividends

More than three-quarters (81 percent) of organizations responding to the 2012 Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey offer recognition programs.

What Employees Want: The Contented Cows’ View

Leaders of Contented Cow companies understand that although their people have individual preferences, there is a common list of things they want (and deserve) — things that are necessary to fully engaging with the enterprise:

The games salespeople play: gamification enhances CRM software

What’s the point of investing in one of the most highly regarded and ubiquitous customer relationship management systems if your sales force doesn’t use it?

The Law of 100’s organizational applications

FAST Company executives say their work with hundreds of companies indicates a balance of quantitative and qualitative measures works best. These measures can inform your own evaluation of organizational value.
Hard (Quantitative) Measures
The ultimate long-term impact of a conference is on the top and bottom line.

Meeting ROI: not an oxymoron

Events and group trips have rebounded slightly, according to corporate travel insiders. But they have done so under intense scrutiny from within. Some managers have developed more accurate ROI measurements than others.

Sure you’re not a bad boss?

If you look at the iconic embodiment of being a bad boss — apoplectic outrages, taking credit for others’ accomplishments, ignoring others’ suggestions — and think you’re in solid standing because you are not guilty of any of those, you are letting yourself off too easy, say Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, the CEO and president respectively of Zenger/Folkman, a leadership development consultanc

Contemplations from the corner office

Bill Flemming, president of Skanska USA Building Inc., a worldwide construction management company that, among other things, is completing the extension of the No. 7 subway line in New York City, spoke with The New York Times for “The Corner Office,” the newspaper’s regular Q&A with business leaders.
On making adjustments to his leadership style:

The hands-off approach to leadership

In welcoming this year’s incoming freshman class and a handful of transfer students at a convocation, Macalester College President Brian Rosenberg told the students’ parents, who were also in the audience, that he expects their chi

Clearing the clogged funnel

What’s wrong with your sales training program?

“Somehow, ‘successful’ sales training has become associated with a thick binder of material the salesperson lugs home from the class, never to open again,” states Steve W.

The best sales books you’ve never heard of

Did you think that hot new book that’s being hyped all over the Internet will reveal the secret to overcoming all of the selling challenges that you and your team may have? Take it from me. The chances are slim.

Confirmed Killers

“Hi, this is Bob Jones. We have an appointment tomorrow at 10 a.m. I was just wondering if you’d like to cancel?”

Research shows males may multitask better than their female counterparts

Here’s your counterintuitive research finding for the month: Thanks to better spatial-reasoning skills, men have an edge over women in multitasking, according to a new study.