Telling Isn't Selling

CSI: Sales and Marketing

Landing big, new contracts is cause for celebration at most companies.

The ‘One Thing’ Management Approach

The advent of steam-powered machines, most notably locomotives, ushered in the Industrial Age nearly 200 years ago. The early leadership of railroads and other business enterprises was drawn largely from the ranks of the military. Not surprisingly, these top brass brought with them the hierarchical, authoritative leadership model that had served them well in their former military careers.

Meeting of the Minds


Putting the swagger back in sales

Matthew Dixon is Managing Director of the Corporate Executive Board’s Sales and Service Practice. Brent Adamson is Senior Director of the Sales Executive Council, a division of the Sales and Service Practice. Their book “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” was published in November 2011 by Portfolio/Penguin.

For Sales and Procurement, It’s Business As Usual

Despite three decades of experience, a history of “strategic” successes at select companies, and an abundance of technologies designed to support both disciplines, for the most part, sales and procurement continue to dwell on tactics.

Calling as a Competitive Weapon


Sales: The Least Time-Effective Process in All of Business


Making the sales process more time-effective is not easy because salespeople have so many unavoidable duties they must perform: call reports, expense reports, travel time, handling complaints, maintaining relationships… The list never ends.

2011 IMRA Directory

Breaking Down the Walls


Savvy Salespeople Use the Best Intuitive Cloud-Based Tools

By JOHN HAND, CEO, MobilePro

Content Marketing Grows Up

2011 was a big year for content marketing, the technique of creating and distributing relevant information to engage with a target audience with an ultimate objective of dri

Dare to dream, but ambition gets more accomplished

In his new book “The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following,” author Kevin Allen defines “real ambition” as the human desire to create something good where nothing existed before.

Watch Congress and do the opposite

We’d be remiss if we reinvigorated the Sales & Marketing Management brand in print and online without including a kernel of wisdom from Seth Godin. If his blog ( isn’t a regular read of yours, it should be.

The buyer’s lament

If you’re finding it harder and harder to set up meetings with potential buyers, you’re not alone. Sales prospecting isn’t easy these days. But the real problem is that most sellers don’t understand how their prospects are evaluating their attempts to get in. This lack of understanding is the root cause of most prospecting failure.