Savvy Salespeople Use the Best Intuitive Cloud-Based Tools

By JOHN HAND, CEO, MobilePro

Savor your strong-headed sales reps

 Many high-performing salespeople have strong personalities. They’re positive in their attitude, powerful and authoritative.

Top Performers

SoundLink® wireless mobile speaker

Product Review

Del Currie was sending $700 worth of gift cards to friends and family at Christmas a year ago and it occurred to him that a good portion of that money would go unspent.

A Web presence is better than a website

A few years ago, a single, static website was sufficient for marketing your business.

5 perceptions that block stellar performance

If you want to improve employee engagement, it’s not enough to model best practices demonstrated by employers such as Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and other denizens of the various Best Places to Work lists.

Smooth landings

It’s estimated that up to 50 percent of visitors to landing pages will bail in the first eight seconds. E-mail marketers spend countless hours and untold millions trying to make recipients click on a link leading to a landing page, but delivering only clicks is short-changing the company. Marketers need to convert prospects to customers; clicks need to result in purchases.

Content Marketing Grows Up

2011 was a big year for content marketing, the technique of creating and distributing relevant information to engage with a target audience with an ultimate objective of dri

Dare to dream, but ambition gets more accomplished

In his new book “The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following,” author Kevin Allen defines “real ambition” as the human desire to create something good where nothing existed before.

Watch Congress and do the opposite

We’d be remiss if we reinvigorated the Sales & Marketing Management brand in print and online without including a kernel of wisdom from Seth Godin. If his blog ( isn’t a regular read of yours, it should be.

The buyer’s lament

If you’re finding it harder and harder to set up meetings with potential buyers, you’re not alone. Sales prospecting isn’t easy these days. But the real problem is that most sellers don’t understand how their prospects are evaluating their attempts to get in. This lack of understanding is the root cause of most prospecting failure.

3 e-mail errors that lead to low response

Sending e-mail to prospective customers can feel as hopeless as leaving that fifth or sixth voice mail. But your salespeople can improve their results simply by being mindful of the three biggest reasons prospects ignore e-mails, says Kendra Lee, founder of the KLA Group (, a sales consulting and training firm.

Let’s connect

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has an amazing ability to bring clarity to complicated world events by pulling apart the pieces and, often, finding apt analogies that enhance his messages. He did it in a column titled “Help Wanted.”

Is Your Sales Team Negotiating Value (Part II)

Many managers think their sales team needs help building negotiation skills but they can’t articulate why. In this second part of a two-part article, Grande Lum, the founder of the sales consulting firm Accordence, summarizes the final four factors (out of a total of nine) that can help sales managers determine if and where negotiation improvements can be made.

Is Your Sales Team Negotiating Value? (Part I)

Many managers think their sales teams need help building their negotiation skills but can’t articulate why. Most salespeople possess some level of intuitive negotiating skills, but many lack the discipline necessary to simultaneously sell and negotiate. The result can be less value for the company and bonus dollars for them.