The best sales books you’ve never heard of

Did you think that hot new book that’s being hyped all over the Internet will reveal the secret to overcoming all of the selling challenges that you and your team may have? Take it from me. The chances are slim.

Confirmed Killers

“Hi, this is Bob Jones. We have an appointment tomorrow at 10 a.m. I was just wondering if you’d like to cancel?”

Research shows males may multitask better than their female counterparts

Here’s your counterintuitive research finding for the month: Thanks to better spatial-reasoning skills, men have an edge over women in multitasking, according to a new study.

Why a 5-year-old could whup your sales team

When a colleague brought her 5-year-old son, Tim, to a summer league softball game recently, sales coach Kelley Robertson ( said just observing the energetic boy through the length of the game provided several insights on what most salespeople can do better.

Making more of follow-up voicemail messages

If a rep leaves a voicemail message for a new prospect first thing in the morning and gets voicemail again on a second attempt later that day, what should the message be?

Preparation prevents sales pitch panic

Inevitably, fearful emotions bubble up and panicked salespeople propose overhauling your sales presentation. That’s OK, says Tom Searcy, CEO of Hunt Big Sales (, a sales consultancy.
“Sometimes, breakthroughs happen when frustration gives way to a release of creative energy. But don’t count on it.” His tips for avoiding eleventh-hour anxiety attacks:

In targeting new business, less is more

Salespeople who succeed in acquiring new business lock in on a finite number of strategic targets, says Mike Weinberg, president of The New Sales Coach ( and author of “New Sales Simplified.” They are confident th

Targeting the right executive for the complex sale

For each sales opportunity, there is usually only a single executive who would be considered as the relevant executive for that opportunity.

Upgrading to brain 3.0

Just as the computers, smartphones and handhelds we use today rely on an operating system to function, people’s brains have an operating system and many are in need of an upgrade, says Anthony Iannarino, chief sales officer for Sol

When the boos must go all the way to the top

The boys of summer are almost ready to put away their bats and gloves. In our hometown of Minneapolis, the Twins are wrapping up a second straight abysmal season, on pace for 100 losses as we go to press after finishing one short of that mark last season.

The 7 deadly sins of sales management

“I continue to be a little puzzled about why so many managers do such a poor job,” says Julian Birkinshaw, a professor at London Business School and the author of “Reinventing Management: Smarter Choices for Getting Work Done.”

Targeting the Right Executive for the Complex Sale

Why Your Sales Force Needs Fewer Leads

Yes, we’re seeing signs of economic recovery, but we’re not there yet. And other market trends are making it even tougher for sales teams to hit revenue goals.

Let the Games Begin – Not!

Most customers are honest and open. Though the concessions they’re asking for might be unreasonable communications experts know that every point of view is reasonable to the person holding it. The exception is when the other person is playing games.

What We Can Learn From Walmart