Paul Nolan

Paul Nolan is the editor of Sales & Marketing Management magazine.

Make a Return to the Office Easier for Everyone

Steps leaders can take to make employees feel supported and safe ahead of an eventual return to the workplace.

Worker Engagement Rollercoasters Through the Pandemic

According to Gallup, worker engagement ping-ponged in 2020. It's important for managers to be aware of some of the facts about worker engagement.

Incentive Travel Experiences Are Too Treasured to Abandon

While it has widely been predicted that business travel will never return to pre-COVID levels, incentive travel — the concept of bringing groups of high-performers together to celebrate successes — could be a motivation tool that’s too effective to abandon.

How the Pandemic Year Changed Employee Recognition

Like everything else in the pandemic year, workplace recognition and managing teams for improved performance have been disrupted. In a virtual world, it’s harder to gauge team members’ needs, celebrate successes and make employees feel valued.

How Managers Can Make Work More Meaningful

Employees are motivated when their work has relevance. Business adviser and author Lisa Lai offers these tips for how managers can make work more meaningful for those on their team.

5 Keys to Better Performance Reviews

If your one-on-one reviews leave employees rolling their eyes — managers often are the last ones to discover this — here are five tips from HR service provider...

Changes Afoot for Incentive Travel Programs

A full recovery is expected at some point, but the look of group travel may be forever changed

A Good Hand: An oil rigger’s insights on management, motivation and making work matter

In 2013, Michael Patrick Smith, in his mid-30s at the time, moved from New York City to Williston, North Dakota, to find work in the oil fields of the Bakken Formation, which was then the epicenter of the fracking industry in North America. Smith, a theater major, playwright and musician, had no experience in that line of work, but he was dissatisfied with his office job and flailing at life in general.

Paul Nolan Interview With Michael Patrick Smith

A musician/theater major's experiences working as an oil field swamper offers lessons for managers on motivation and making work matter.

Adapt Your Go-to-Market Strategy to Revitalize Revenue

Change and uncertainty have reshaped the revenue landscape. The best performing companies will be the ones that continuously adapt their revenue engines to capture new opportunities, as well as mitigate any downturns, says TMT Chief Commercial & Revenue Officer Raul Martinez.

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