11 Bad Habits that Can Destroy Your Inside Sales Productivity

Pat Morrissey

Inside sales is a competitive field where professionals need to bring an incredible work ethic to the job each day. Unfortunately, some find that their habits can hurt theirsales productivity and their careers. Here are 11 bad habits that every sales professional should focus on eliminating.

1. Having a cluttered workspace
When people have a disorganized workspace, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the clutter, which then leads to distraction. Having a clear and organized workspace can help clear the thoughts and remain focused on the tasks at hand.

2. Eating while working
It can be tempting to avoid breaks, particularly when in the middle of a sales streak. The habit of eating at the desk, however, can make it difficult to clear the mind and rejuvenate. Taking time away from the cubicle to enjoy lunch can result in more focus in the afternoon.

3. Not getting enough exercise
According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, one of the best ways to fight ‘’brain fog’ and forgetfulness is to exercise. Exercise helps to lift people’s moods while lowering their stress and anxiety, which can lead to consistently higher productivity in sales.

4. Not getting enough sleep
Not getting enough sleep can impact professionals on several levels. It can hinder the ability to learn and remember information while also influencing judgment and mood, negatively impacting sales goals.

5. Not staying up to date
Learning doesn’t end when you graduate. Business is always changing and staying informed is an essential to being a successful sales rep. Luckily, with an abundance of digital and social media news, it should be relatively easy to staying up-to-date.

6. Getting involved in conflicts
According to author and researcher Renee Cocchi, employees getting involved in conflicts within the workplace can lose up to 3 hours of work a week. Inside sales reps who want to improve their bottom line should stay focused on their own work.

7. Procrastinating
When people procrastinate on tasks that need to be finished, they tend to develop bad habits that can hurt their productivity in the long run. Procrastinating contributes to wasting time and losing focus, which makes it a challenge to accomplish jobs later on.

8. Spending too much time inside
Spending time outdoors has been shown to help people lower their stress levels as well as reduce the potential impact of mental health problems, such as seasonal affective disorder.

9. Drinking too much alcohol (after work)
Alcohol has the potential to negatively disrupt sales productivity as well. Many professionals who consume alcoholic beverages regularly find that drinks disrupt their sleep cycles, making it harder for them to concentrate the next day.

10. Not using the best sales acceleration tools
Using sales acceleration technology is the smart way to advance your inside sales career. Start with a CRM. Then add the tools that make sense for your business. Improve selling productivity by spending more time selling and less time doing everything else.

11. Not having enough live conversations
Social media and email are great for research and networking, but live conversations are required to succeed in inside sales. The sooner you speak with a prospect, the better chance you have of closing the deal. Simply stated: more connections, more revenue.

Pat Morrissey has worked in his role of senior account executive with ConnectLeader, a leader in B2B sales acceleration solutions, since joining the company in 2013. Prior to ConnectLeader, Pat has worked in software sales since 1998, in both inside and outside sales roles, with companies such as Fourth Shift, Deltek and Micro Focus.