4 challenges for improved lead nurturing

One benefit of the bottoming out of the economy in 2008 and the subsequent slow rebound is that businesses have placed renewed emphasis on their lead management systems, which in good times are all but ignored, says Kevin Quiring, Managing Director of Sales and Customer Service, North America at Accenture.

In a recent interview with eMarketer (eMarketer.com), Quiring cited four immediate challenges faced by B2B companies that are looking to better manage their leads.     

  1. The chasm between marketing and sales
  2. Lack of technology around automating lead management
  3. Lack of organizational accountability for performance management around the success of lead generation and nurture. Instead of separate groups being benchmarked against lead generation and lead nurture, companies should be measuring the end-to-end ROI of both programs.
  4. A failure to apply customer data into analytics and insights that can enable marketers to better qualify and distribute leads.