4 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Existing Content Assets

Warren Fowler

Content creation is not only one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, but also one of the most demanding. In the abundance of blog writers, photographers, and video production specialists, it’s not easy to keep coming up with fresh and compelling marketing content.

As a matter of fact, it seems like more than half of marketers don’t know how to produce engaging posts anymore, which is the main reason why content creators turn to the practice of repurposing. According to the research, almost 60% of marketers reuse content two to five times.

This article will show you the benefits of repurposing and four smart ways to breathe new life into your existing content assets. Let’s begin!

Content Repurposing Benefits

Content repurposing is a multi-channel marketing strategy that puts your business message in every format and on every platform your potential customers are looking for it. To put it simply, it’s the process of reusing evergreen posts to create fresh marketing materials.

This strategy provides marketing teams with some serious benefits:

  • Expanding content longevity: First of all, content repurposing is the means of prolonging the popularity of your best posts. When you notice that something inspires user interest, you need to take advantage of it through repurposing.
  • Reducing creation time: As we already mentioned, finding new ideas week after week is tricky. Reusing content sets you free from this trap, offering topics that you already know work well.
  • Content expansion: Repurposing is nothing more than finding a nice fresh suit for the same old content.
  • Cross-promotion: Publishing posts across multiple networks, you can cross-promote content to raise awareness and generate additional leads.
  • Indulging the target audience: The target audience consists of different people. Some prefer reading, while others like watching or listening to your content. When you reuse older posts, you get the opportunity to indulge each follower individually.

Best Content Repurposing Tactics

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of content repurposing, it is time to focus on practical ways how to realize this strategy. Here are the most productive tactics to use in this field:

Get To Know All Possibilities

Technically speaking, there are dozens of ways to convert one content format into another. However, most marketers use only a few models that prove to be highly practical both in terms of time consumption and production demands. These models include:

  • Turning blog series into eBooks. When you cover the same topic from a variety of different angles, you can compile it easily to create a comprehensive eBook.
  • Repurposing videos to make GIFs. Video content is extremely popular, but users rarely watch full-length clips. With shorter versions and GIFs, you can engage the audience and perhaps even inspire them to watch the entire video.
  • Create tweets from statistical findings. People love to see credible stats, which gives marketers the opportunity to create a bunch of interesting Twitter posts.
  • Make podcasts from interviews. Each interview you conduct can take various forms, including audio podcasts.
  • Design infographics using blogs and images. Infographics are a nice combination of visual and textual content that you can design using the existing posts, images, and animations.

Plan Ahead

Planning is often a crucial step in content creation because properly-designed posts can make the future repurposing efforts much easier. What do we mean by this?

Well, if you bear repurposing in mind before you even make the initial post, it will be much simpler to rearrange content and convert it into a different format. For this reason, you should try to craft all-encompassing content that has a lot of reuse potential.

This is how Evan Kastner, a content creator at Best Dissertation, explains it: “When I write for our blog, I always try to create quality articles with tons of adaptable multimedia content. That way, I can immediately recommend my colleagues what to do next and how to repurpose my posts.”

Cut It Down

The golden rule of content repurposing is to cut it down to the minimum whenever possible. The existing posts should serve as raw materials to work on, i.e. to edit, cut, redesign, and customize. This is not too difficult if you follow our previous suggestion and plan ahead.

In such circumstances, you will begin with a larger piece of content that allows you to make reductions and create a brand new GIF, infographic, tweet, or any other format. At the same time, initial posts will give you not one but many opportunities to craft alternative content, thus generating new leads using old topics.

Reuse Company Reports

You might think that official business documents are by no means marketing-related, but it’s actually the other way around. Your monthly, quarterly, and annual reports can serve as a source of highly credible marketing material when you eliminate confidential internal data. The same goes for meeting notes, business presentations, and similar documents that contain data concerning your target industry.

The audience will appreciate if you announce real stats, giving credible insights into the current state of affairs. Once you find a way to convert internal reports into marketing content (blog, for example), you should make a template and repeat the same process on a regular basis, while the best posts can serve as another content repurposing resource.

Content creation is so complex that it demands a more strategic approach. Repurposing has become one of the basic tactics in this strategy because it’s necessary to keep quality content alive in a variety of different formats.

Our article showed you the benefits of repurposing and four smart ways to breathe new life into your existing content assets. Did you already use some of these tricks? Do you have other interesting suggestions to share with our readers?

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