4 Ways to Enhance the Marketability of Your Degree in Business

Peter Salt

Finance and business are probably the most popular fields of practice when it comes to education. Many people flock to universities to complete courses in finance, accounting, business administration and related fields. They are quite lucrative courses, especially if you advance them to another level. The competition in these fields is stiff. Therefore, you must complete extra work that makes you more marketable. This includes:

Getting advanced degrees – Supposing you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, taking up an advanced degree in the same is a smart way to stand out from the crowd. Many people opt for an MBA and and it works for them. A problem with the MBAs is that many people are earning one, so you will have to do something even more to be unique. One of the options is to earn a different degree that will build on your business degree.

Certification courses – Fields like accounting have certification courses. To get a license you need to take up these courses. Completing the CPA (certified public accountant) courses will boost your bachelor’s degree significantly. There are several levels for these certification courses and they help you advance to higher levels in terms of your career as well.

Leadership training – Silly as this might sound to some, you never know when an opening for chief finance officer will arise at your place of work. The leadership training seminars and conferences are quite helpful when it comes to promotions. Attend as many of these programs as you possibly can and you will get to learn a lot. Even if you do not get a promotion through them, you can learn some skill that will be beneficial to you when you start your own business.

Foreign languages – Over the past few years, major corporations around the world have been opening branches in places like Hong Kong, South Africa, Kenya, Singapore and other countries. Learning a foreign language is always helpful when it comes to boosting your bachelor’s degree in business. Businesses want people who can connect/communicate with the customers in their environment. Therefore, if you know how to speak mandarin you will definitely be among the first considered for that job in Hong Kong.

When it comes to foreign languages, you need to be careful with the one you choose to take. A quick research online will help you select the ones to learn. Some foreign languages are extremely marketable like Mandarin, Spanish, French and Swahili. Learning these languages will definitely put you at head of someone who is limited to speaking English.

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