Additional Web resources - March 2012 |
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Additional Web resources - March 2012

The Right Marketing Metrics
There are hundreds of possible inbound marketing metrics to choose from and almost all of them measure something of some kind of value. “The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analysis,” a free 70-page guide from, offers best practices for harnessing data to not only prove, but improve ROI.
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What Sales Really Needs from Marketing
If it seems like your sales and marketing teams will never get along – or even if they’ve found some use for each other – Jill Konrath’s free e-book, “What Sales Really Needs From Marketing,” can enhance that working relationship and improve results.
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Sam Parker, half of the duo that runs, has developed a 12-page guide to help sales managers stay focused on the right tasks. “Consistently addressed,” he says, “these are the sales management fundamentals that will put you and your team in front of the pack… and keep you there.”
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