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Additional Web resources

Secrets to Video Marketing Success
Video has immense potential in B2B marketing, but many companies have been slow to adopt it. Chuck Kapelke provides quick tips for better use of video in an article published in B-to-B Marketer, a publication of the Business Marketing Association. Read the full article.

Sales Compensation Trends Survey
The Alexander Group, a sales management consulting firm, released its 2015 Sales Compensation Trends Survey. You can access it here (registration required).

The Looming Talent Crisis
“Workforce 2020: The Looming Talent Crisis” is a report from Oxford Economics and SuccessFactors that examines the most effective employee motivators, examines why 60% of employees are unhappy with their jobs, and reveals the biggest untapped source of leadership talent that is hiding in plain sight. Download it here (registration required).

15 Things to Train Salespeople On Instead of Social Selling
Sales leader and consultant Anthony Iannarino explains why he’d train on more than a dozen other sales skills before jumping on the social selling bandwagon. Read his blog post here.

Trade Show Smackdown
In our March/April issue, we asked marketing and sales managers how they felt about the return on their trade show investment. Their responses can be found here.