Content can create buzz about your event

Events and content marketing are a natural pair, since content creation and promotion can help you make the most of the time and effort that goes into producing an event. Event content —  blog posts, social media updates, email marketing, etc. — should start well before your event begins.

Don’t just blast ads about your event, says content marketing consultant Lee Price of Reputation Capital Media, show your attendees why they should attend by sharing the kinds of engaging, interesting content and conversations they will experience in person.

Host a Google hangout — Invite registered attendees and interested prospects to a Google Hangout with speakers. Encourage people to submit questions for the speaker ahead of time, and run the hangout like an interview.

Reveal sneak peeks — Build excitement around your upcoming event by revealing crucial information as it’s decided. For example, post a video to announce the keynote speaker as soon as he or she is confirmed. If you are sponsoring a contest or giveaway at the event, tweet a picture of the prize when it arrives at your office.

Share lessons from last year’s event — Create a montage video with the best speaker clips and attendee interviews from your last event. Design an infographic featuring the 10 top insights or lessons learned. Post “Overheard at the 2012 Conference” tweets.