Exit gracefully

There’s that moment on so many initial sales calls when it becomes clear that the prospect is not a prospect at all (at least not for the next quarter or two). No budget. No timeline for implementation. No need or perceived urgency.

A clean exit is needed — something that allows for moving on while also leaving the door open for future contact.

Sam Parker of JustSell.com recommends every salesperson invest some time outside of the “money hours” to create a few solid and polite exit statements for those situations where you know you can better serve elsewhere. His examples:

“At the moment, I’m not sure we can provide enough value to you but I’d like to keep in touch should things change. May I keep in touch periodically?”

“That sounds like an exciting project. We may be a little early in our discussions given all of your priorities. May I give you a call in two months?”

“Wow, you really have your hands full at the moment. Perhaps we should talk again in a few months and let you focus on these other priorities. May I add you to our company newsletter?”