Get in front of self-educated buyers

Paul Nolan

In today’s buyer-informed world, many buyers attempt to avoid engaging a vendor altogether, says Daniel Newman, author of “Building Dragons: Digital Transformation in the Experience Economy.” If vendors would cooperate by allowing an entire transaction to happen online, then they would. In many industries, this online, sophisticated marketplace is already in motion.

Is your company generating information that helps buyers through the journey? If so, how are you working to get your content found, seen and heard? Businesses seeking to get in front of prospective customers need to utilize the content they create and spread the word through inbound, outbound and social-marketing campaigns.

And utilize grassroots tactics. Don’t forget the power of word of mouth for small business, says Newman. If you have happy customers, get them to help by spreading the good word. According to Nielsen, more than 84 percent of people will trust and act on a positive referral. The more you can get your customers to tell your story for you, the easier your next sale will be.