Headlines and Taglines Make Content Marketing More Effective

Lewis Robinson

Great marketing involves catching the eyes of consumers. Once a viewer is hooked with an initial come on, he/she looks a little closer at what the seller is actually selling. Whether a buy is made or not remains to be seen. Without the initial hook, a lot of would-be consumers won't take a second out of their day to check out something for sale. Ironically, even products or service they might like a great deal end up skipped. Too much competes for their attention. So, they move on.

With a great headline, catching people's eyes becomes a bit easier. With so many millions of people spending billions of dollars on online commerce, promotional website or blog content really has to be catchy. In particular, those all-important headlines must grab them right away.

Use a Great Headline

People love to bounce around the internet. They may only spend a few seconds, even just a split second, on a page before moving elsewhere. PKI systems help e-commerce in a lot of ways, but they only take you so far. Connecting with frazzled consumers is not one of the system's duties. On the other hand, great headlines that proudly stand out could convince a visitor to spend more time on a page.

One of the worst content marketing mistakes entails publishing text without headlines. Visitors see such a page as overwhelming and vague. Those are not traits online content should embody. Visitors won't stay visitors on the page for long. Give them an idea about the content through solid headlines. Especially if you are covering a deeper or more complex topic such as data analytics and the details of an apache kafka tutorial, be sure to pinpoint a concise yet informative title.

The headlines must be creative and never boring. Great headlines are not just those headlines designed with big fonts or written in bold. Copywriting artistry counts, too. The headlines need to speak to the reader and pull him/her in.

Simplicity Rules

Long headlines equal boring headlines. All headlines should be short and to the point. Remember, attention spans are short. People only want to skim sites at first landing on a page. Lengthy headlines don't draw them in. A concise and effective headline, however, may.

To be effective, the headline should blare something of value. Marketing and sales are all about filling a need. A consumer may be in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. Maybe he/she wants to hire a cleaning service. Either way, the consumer has a need to be filled. A headline proclaiming "The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Solution" speaks to a specific audience. The audience won’t be overly dismissive of the accompanying text. They, hopefully, won't also contribute to an annoying bounce rate.

A Good Question Does A Lot

Headlines don't always have to be bold proclamations. Good headlines often take the form of equally good questions. "Are you looking for the perfect used car?" or "Is it time to finally update that old kitchen?" can be intriguing. Readers may choose to read what's underneath the question for the answer. In the answer, there lurks a sales pitch readers can’t avoid.

Questions give people pause for thought. If the question speaks to them in some way, they will be inclined to look for the answer. This is another way a good headline overcomes the inclination to page jump too quickly.

The Valuable 'How To' Headline

Everyone appreciates the value of knowledge. Headlines revealing "How to fix a small leak" or "How to eat better at a buffet" reveal a source of knowledge.

Even when someone doesn't need the answer right away, good "how to" content is alluring. You can never have enough knowledge about things that make your life easier. Neither does your potential customer, which is why "how to" headlines consistently work so well.

Editors and Assistants Help

No one wakes up one day with the skills of writing great headlines. Anyone struggling with crafting top-notch headlines should run drafts by editors and marketing assistants. Good advice on how to improve could turn a weak headline into a solid one.

Outsourcing the creation of content and headlines might be a smart plan as well. These skilled pros know a little bit about producing outstanding, revenue-generating headlines.

Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He has started  multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.