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This is How I Work (Series)

Dave Stein in WarsawI was invited by Dave Brock, who accepted Anthony Iannarino’s tag to write a blog post on “This is How I Work.” The idea is based on Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series.

Here are the other sales experts participating in this series, so far:

Anthony Iannarino  (He tagged Charlie Green.)

Charlie Green (Charlie tagged Dave Brock.)

Dave Brock (Dave tagged me! Yes, Dave, I do live in a cool place.)


Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts,  in the town of West Tisbury.

Current computers:

Dell XPS in my office. Macbook Air in my residence, iPhone 5S, iPad Air, Kindle Paperwhite

What Apps/software/tools can’t I live without?

  • I live in Microsoft Outlook. Run it on my Mac as well.
  • Evernote. Getting deeper into it.
  • LinkedIn. I will always look up someone on LinkedIn before I call them on the phone.
  • Hootsuite for posting to Twitter and LinkedIn. (I post to Google+ manually.)
  • Dropbox. All my files, on whichever device I’m using at the moment.
  • Google Drive: I share files with my clients.
  • GoToMeeting/Webinar: I use this for client meetings with or without video, and of course webinars.
  • NY Times Crossword App. I do the NY Times every day.
  • Words with Friends.
  • Grocery IQ.
  • Real Racer 3. (Yes, really.)
  • Facebook. I only use this for friends and family. Had a few bad experiences with clients.
  • Roboform. For keeping all my computer-generated passwords safe and available on every device.
  • I reluctantly use Skype to communicate with international clients or when I am travelling out of the U.S. Quality always seems to be bad.
  • iTunes Match. I’ve got 9,000 tracks or so. They’re available on all my devices.
  • Facetime for staying in touch with my daughters and my grandkids.

What’s my workspace like?

  • ESR is a small virtual corporation. I work from my home in an office overlooking a 648-acre wildlife preserve. My dogs often visit when I’m working, although we have to keep them outside (sheltered) when I’m delivering webinars.
  • I tend to have a cluttered desk and office.
  • My very fast Dell XPS has two 24″ ASUS LCD monitors.

What’s my best time-saving shortcut/life hack?

  •  Whatever it is, do it right the first time, so you don’t have to do it again.

What everyday thing am I better at than everyone else?

  • I have a very good memory for facts, figures, and trivia.

What do I listen to while I work?

  • Nothing. Having been a university-trained professional musician earlier in my life, I get deeply drawn in to everything I listen to from a technical as well as aesthetic perspective. If I had music playing in my office, I would get nothing done.

What am I currently reading?

  •  The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  • An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943, Volume One of the Liberation Trilogy by Rick Atkinson
  • Three upcoming books by sales experts. I’ll be writing one forward and two endorsements.

What’s my sleep routine like?

  • In bed by 9:30, read for an hour or two, do the next day’s NY Times Crossword, then sleep. Usually up at 7:00, unless I have calls with Europe.

What’s the best advice I’ve ever received?

  • “Fly the plane!” That was given to my by my flight instructor. When something goes wrong, which it has for me a few times up there, remembering to fly the plane likely saved my life.
  • “Take a class in yoga.” My older daughter told me that 13 years ago. Been practicing ever since. I attend four classes a week.
  • “Start your own business.” My friend Larry Berk, years ago.

Fill In The Blank:

I’d love to see ___Jill Konrath___ answer these questions. Hopefully she’ll take me up on this and keep the ball rolling.