More high-tech takes

Paul Nolan

This issue’s cover feature on artificial intelligence (AI) marks the second straight issue that we have focused our cover story on technology. Our last issue of 2019 looked at how 5G technology will change how sales reps and marketing professionals do their jobs.

Technology is more important than ever in B2B sales and marketing, yet it’s increasingly challenging for managers and executives to tackle their day jobs and stay on top of new technology that will help their teams perform better. AI is a perfect example. It’s a term that’s commonly tossed around, but if asked to define it and identify how it’s being used in their daily business processes, most managers and executives would struggle to come up with a sound answer.

As many experts relay in our cover feature that begins on page 26, AI currently has a larger footprint in consumer sales and marketing than it does in B2B. But make no mistake, it’s present in the B2B world and sure to continue gaining momentum. It can analyze data in a fraction of the time it takes humans to do so and develop strategies that would never occur to us.

Sales and marketing leaders don’t need to be IT geniuses, but they do need to stay abreast of what tools are available and what their competitors are investing in that could give them an edge. That’s the idea behind our increased coverage of technology in B2B sales and marketing. In addition to more cover stories on tech topics, we have added a regular section called Tech Stack, which will help our readers stay informed on trends, capabilities and coming attractions from the high-tech world.

We’ve also added a regular section on another buzzword that you’re hearing more and more: sales enablement. There’s a lot that falls into this category. We’ll do our best to separate the wheat from the chaff. Check out page 22 for our inaugural attempt.

And we will continue to write about how the best managers motivate teams and increase employee engagement. Our newly titled Managing to Motivate section is on 24 in this issue.

The job of a sales and marketing manager has never been more complicated. We’re here to help. And we’re always eager to hear about your informational needs.