My 2012 ASTD Conference Visit and (Downloadable) Presentation |
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My 2012 ASTD Conference Visit and (Downloadable) Presentation

Advanced Sales Training CapabilitiesMonday I attended and presented at ASTD’s (American Society of Training and Development) 2012 International Conference and Exposition.  Thanks to Mike Galvin for inviting me to contribute to the Sales Enablement track.

Although I was only in Denver for a day, I did get the opportunity to chat with representatives and senior executives from some leading sales performance provider organizations including Richardson, Miller Heiman, Shapiro Negotiations, TACK USA, SEC Solutions (home of The Challenger Sale), Mandel Communications, Mercuri International, Celemi, and 3G Selling. I caught up with a number of ESR’s clients as well as Mike Murrell, president and publisher at Lakewood Media Group, LLC, where I’m a columnist and advisor at Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.  I also had the opportunity to speak, at length, with Ken Blanchard.  I was amazed to find out that his company has 325 employees. Another smart guy.

I learned a lot just from talking with smart sales training buyers and sellers during the course of the day.  There is no question that many corporate L&D (learning and development) professionals have a significant challenge when it comes to serving their sales organizations. I’ve been working with ASTD for the past number of years, doing my best to transfer some of ESR’s experience, insight, and knowledge to them. I know that’s helped numbers of companies figure things out and get themselves on the path to higher degrees of sales effectiveness. It was certainly fulfilling to hear success stories from those ESR has helped.

My presentation was well-attended and, based on feedback after the 75-minute session, appreciated as well.

I covered what we at ESR consider an important issue: advanced selling capabilities.  I spoke about leveraging politics within customer organizations, the importance of financial and business acumen, and the deployment of competitive strategies and tactics.  I briefly touched on other advanced B2B selling capabilities as well, such as channel management and strategic account management.  I also provided the audience with a one-slide diagnostic tool that offers some help in figuring out whether they should consider any of these advanced capabilities.

I’ve put the slide deck up on ESR’s website.  Feel free to download it.  We’re just asking for your name and business email address in exchange for this valuable content.  We’ll include you on ESR’s private mailing list, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.  I can assure you though, with what we have planned in 2012, you’ll want to keep up to date on events, research, and other high-value content and activities around the subject of sales performance improvement, so you’ll want to stay on our email list.