Staying on point on screen

Paul Nolan

Is it better to sell face-to-face? Absolutely, says Doug Devitre. Whether your customer is an individual, a committee, or a group of decision makers, there is no better replacement for showing up in person. But that’s not always possible. Today’s technology, with screen-sharing capability and other remote presentation options, provides some hidden and not-so-hidden benefits. In his book “Screen-to-Screen Selling,” Devitre shares insights for better remote sales strategies. Here are some of his tips:

Prioritize visuals – The order of your visuals at the start will either engage the customer or signal another slide deck full of assumptions that miss the mark every time. Know which image works best for specific situations and how to use that image in a way that engages the customer.

Monitor engagement –  It’s far too easy to assume a customer is engaged because you can’t see them in screen share mode. If you customer can see your screen but you can’t see them, you will need to continuously check their interest level by asking a few key questions to get them involved in the conversation.

Confirm by writing down answers – Writing prospects’ answers on your screen using an annotation tool while in screen share mode confirms to the customer that they were understood.