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Non-cash incentive programs are proven to be the most effective means of moving the sales needle and improving selling habits for the long run. But planning and operating these campaigns, which run for three months or more, takes a sales manager away from daily duties.

Savvy sales managers who recognize the power of non-cash incentives also rely on the help and great ideas they get from the Incentive Manufacturers Representative Alliance (IMRA), an organization comprised of non-cash incentive suppliers and their sales representatives. Here’s why:

• IMRA reps are the most experienced, knowledgeable partners a program sponsor can find. And their advice and guidance is FREE because they are paid by the manufacturer to provide everything you need.

• IMRA reps have the best brands at the best prices. That’s important because only incentives that are desirable will get you the results you’re looking for. But why pay retail prices for your name-brand  rewards? The price you get from an IMRA representative is always the lowest price available, so stop spending more money at retail!

• IMRA reps get special training and have access to important industry resources. They are at the top of their game and can update you on the newest and most important incentive program strategies.

• IMRA reps have counseled hundreds of companies, both large and small. They help these organizations plan and execute a wide variety of successful incentive and motivation programs.

The next time you’re putting an incentive program together, tap into the national network of good ideas with the local reps that have joined IMRA. This directory features IMRA merchandise suppliers who  have authorized service reps ready to help you bring your next performance improvement program together efficiently and cost-effectively.

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