Take your sales to the cloud

David Wachs

Cloud computing comes with a number of great benefits, such as scalability, cost minimization and universal availability, that can help you and your team automate your sales efforts. Here are a few good cloud-based tips that can help your team distinguish itself from the pack — and do so quicker, cheaper and faster than ever before.

Keep social simple.

New tools such as Stacker (getstacker.com) let you create your posts for all major social media sites in one place. You can then schedule them to go out at optimum times automatically. Stacker serves as your inbox for all social channels as well; if someone responds to your posts, you will be instantly notified. A huge time saver, tools like Stacker offer starter plans for free.

Write crisper, cleaner e-mails.

Wordzen (wordzen.com) employs a team of correspondence experts who turn your shorthand notes into polished emails. Even better, Wordzen now serves as your personal admin; respond to an appointment request with “decline politely” and the experts at Wordzen will draft a polite message for you.

Maintain a personal touch.

In this era of e-mails, texts and wall posts, returning to old-fashioned handwritten notes sets you apart. Cloud-based services such as Handwrytten (handwrytten.com), make this easy. Your reps can select cards via the website or app, type a personalized message (or customize a prewritten template), and select a handwriting style. Robots tackle the writing. This preserves the personal touch and authenticity of a handwritten message to a client or important lead, but with the ease and convenience of new technology. (Full disclosure, I am the founder of this company.)

Use a bot to schedule meetings.

X.ai uses artificial intelligence to schedule your meetings for you. Simply carbon copy X.ai on your meeting request email, and X.ai’s bot “Amy” will find a time that works for everyone’s schedule. The service is still in “beta” but you’ll want to keep an eye out for this game-changer. (The URL is a beast. Google X.ai to find it online.)

David Wachs is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Handwrytten.