Team Feedback Can Help You Think and Perform Better

Peri Shawn

Asking for feedback from your team members can be one of the fastest ways to help you improve and set your team up for success.

Meet with your salespeople individually and explain that your purpose is to learn how you can help them sell better. Then ask three questions:

  • What have you done to help them do better?
  • What have you done that has gotten in the way or them selling as well as they could?
  • What can you do in the next week to help them sell even better?

As they share their feedback with you, take notes.  Don't defend your actions or those of the company. This is your time to listen. Treat it like brainstorming – no editing of their ideas during the sharing. Sales managers who do this are often surprised at how easy it is to implement most of the ideas their team members suggest.

As you know, some of your salespeople will test how serious you are. You may get some wild responses. Don't be shy. If they say something outrageous like, “Increase my salary by 50%,” you can respond with “Can't do that; what's Plan B?” This kind of response will let them know that you are committed to discovering what you can do to be helpful to them. 

It may take your team members several feedback sessions before they realize you are serious about wanting their input.

By getting more feedback from your team members, you know exactly what to do to set them up for greater success and more sales. 

Peri Shawn is co-founder of the Coaching and Sales Institute, and author of “Preventing Sales Crimes: Coaching Secrets for Sales Leaders.” You can reach her at