Today’s Video Platforms Extend Employee Engagement Initiatives

Vern Hanzlik, Executive VP and general manager, Qumu

Business markets today move at lightning speed, and companies are looking to experts to help them leverage new video technology to make them more competitive – not just in their own markets, but also in attracting and retaining valuable employees. A recent study conducted by Ragan Communications found that 71 percent of companies are currently producing videos to communicate with employees, and nearly two-thirds of companies plan to increase their use of video in the coming year. As enterprise video platforms become more sophisticated and complementary to corporate infrastructures, the number of companies using video to enhance communication and employee engagement initiatives is growing.

Increasing the Value of Video Employee Engagement Initiatives

While companies want to integrate video into all of their communications initiatives, it’s also critical to leverage every bit of value out of a video investment. It’s more than just setting up video communications solutions within the company; you must be able to extend the value of that video. Video in the cloud offers enterprises a flexible, effective way to deploy video solutions nearly instantaneously to audiences everywhere, without overtaxing the company network.

These enterprise video platforms not only support the creation of professional videos, they enable companies to distribute, control and measure them better than ever before, support two-way conversations and include capabilities to ensure top user experience. Here’s how the latest in video platform technology is impacting employee engagement initiatives:

Video Conferences and Collaboration– Video conferencing is a popular solution for today’s dispersed work forces. Today’s enterprise video platforms not only stream live videoconferences, but the conferences can also be archived to create a knowledge library. They are searchable, so users can enter a key word or phrase and go directly to the snippet of conversation that they’re looking for.

Webcasting– Webcasting can further enhance the culture of communication created by video. CEOs can host informational or all hands meetings through live streamed webcasts, which can be distributed quickly and efficiently to global worksites. These webcasts are also archived in the cloud so employees unable to attend live can watch when they have time.

Mobility– According to a Citrix study, nearly 85 percent of organizations will have mobile work styles by the end of 2014. To help your clients maximize the time of mobile employees, make sure they know that employee videos can be securely and easily accessed and created on mobile devices, allowing employees to view and distribute content. While waiting in an airport lounge or conference room, employees can record a quick idea for a product update and share it with the team, review an update from the team leader or watch a company executive’s corporate announcement.

Security– It’s nearly impossible to maintain control over the distribution of an internal email, but today’s videos are totally secure. Enterprise video platform vendors can address everything from password-protected content to SSL secure communications, single sign-on capabilities, usage audit trails, mobile access via corporate sign-on credentials, and even videos that are automatically deleted after one viewing.

Measurability– A truly successful video employee engagement program must enable businesses to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. What is the impact of the employee engagement efforts? Are employees tuning in or tuning out? Enterprise video solutions can gather live feedback and also measure basics, such as number of views, shares and comments. They can also provide more detailed data, such as which workstations or devices have accessed a particular video.

Great Viewer Experience– Key to any video effort is ensuring the employee has a positive experience accessing and viewing the video without glitches. Today’s enterprise video platforms ensure that viewers automatically and seamlessly receive the appropriate video asset from the management system – optimized for the individual viewer and the device they are using, as well as the available network connection.

Today’s young, talented workforce is comfortable and familiar with video, and wants to work for innovative, creative companies. Video is a truly transformative communications strategy for engaging employees. Make sure your organization is taking advantage of the powerful enterprise video platform technologies available today.

Vern Hanzlik is executive vice president and general manager of Qumu Corporation, which provides the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of their videos.