We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Handhelds

Chanin Ballance, CEO, MobilePaks.

A mobile device is a salesperson’s best friend, but before your salesperson gets overwhelmed and distracted by a million non-relevant items accessible on their mobile devices, there are ways to streamline and focus the world of information so that the most pertinent and relevant sales assets are prominent.

Sales enablement applications not only boost the power of your CRM, but are quickly becoming a requirement for managing and inspiring a successful sales force as they rely more heavily on mobile devices.

A significant advantage of using sales enablement applications is the ability to keep sales content, training and prospect information centrally located and managed for your entire team’s use. From the management perspective, the marketing campaigns and product content retain the original integrity and consistency for all salespeople through a variety of mobile devices.

Increased Responsiveness
The power of leveraging the sales enablement tools for the salesperson is that the task of finding the pertinent marketing and accurate product information for the prospect is no longer chaotic or tedious. They can tap into just the right thing at the right time – and from any location.  In today’s competitive sales environment, it allows your salesperson to access information and identify key differentiators fast – before your competition has a chance to slip in. According to one study by Cisco Systems, 76% of businesses say mobile devices increased employee responsiveness and decision-making speed.

Regardless of mobile device usage or not, it is important to note that research by Sirius Decisions identified the two top issues hindering salespeople is their ability to connect product offerings to client business issues and spending too much time on non-selling activities. Mobile can further aggravate these issues if a salesperson is in the field without access to key materials or sales prompts to help guide the conversation.

For example, proper sales enablement can connect the dots between the prospect profile in the CRM and key product features to suggest solutions on the fly.The ability to customize the items that salespeople see, based on the characteristics of the opportunity, account, or person they are seeing, is invaluable – especially when it can be accessed on mobile devices where and when the salesperson is working.

Forrester’s latest report on mobile adoption in the enterprise found that 66% of employees now use two or more devices every day, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. That number is expected to only increase and if we make seamless transitions as we move between devices, the better.

Heightened Customer Expectations
As more tasks are made possible through mobile CRM and sales enablement apps, and as sales reps are able to provide better overall customer service, customers’ expectations begin to rise. Buyers are now accustomed to short turnaround times, quick responses to inquiries, and organized materials. Customers are beginning to see these new possibilities as the norm when it comes to customer service.

According to Salesforce, not addressing this could end up becoming a major problem for many companies that are unable to adapt.  They report that 42% of service agents cannot efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications.

For industry innovators, the advantage is clear. According to a Nucleus Research study, salespeople achieved a 14.6% productivity increase when using mobile CRM apps. Almost a third of respondents cited a productivity increase of more than 20%, and only 2% said they saw no productivity benefit. When including a combined mobile and social CRM deployment, sales people incurred productivity increases of 26.4%.

Having confidence in knowing the most accurate product information is on hand and in context, combined with guidance for staying on message, will have your sales team ultimately closing more sales faster and improving the bottom line. No matter what device they are working on. And that…is truly having the whole world in your hands.

Chanin Ballance is CEO of MobilePaks and brings years of technology, business management and marketing experience to this top sales enablement software solution provider.