Webinars on SMMConnect.com

SMMCONNECT.COM is all about business networking within a vast and expanding audience. Expert Webinars and free online tools directly and dynamically put your company in very good company!


Generate hundreds of qualified leads with a sponsored Webinar on Sales and Marketing Management’s social networking site, SMMConnect.com. All Webcasts are archived for on-demand, no expiration date viewing for ongoing sponsor exposure, and sponsors receive the complete registrant list as leads post Webcast, as well as a link to the live recording.

  • Custom topics: bring in your own experts and clients to speak
  • Create your own discussion group and interact with an invested audience
  • Receive an opt-in contact list of Webinar registrants, and those who downloaded your Webinar recording
  • You’ll get a complete 4-6 week campaign to promote your Webinar, including html blasts, plus banners on salesandmarketing.com and in the SMM Monitor eNewsletter
  • And you’ll get an introduction — including a logo/product slide at the beginning of the Webinar


Don’t have a topic or speaker? Consider a Turnkey Sponsorship of one of SMMConnect’s own regularly scheduled Webinars. You will receive all of the benefits of a typical sponsored Webcast, including 4-6 week promotition campaign and the complete list of registrants post Webcast.