How Do We Evolve the Modern B2B Sales Team?

Douglass Cole

Douglas Cole, enterprise sales leader at LinkedIn Sales Solutions, says changing trends in B2B customers, connection and workplace culture are key areas today’s sales leaders should be focused on. In this podcast episode, we dive deeper into points he covered in an article he wrote.


  • Paul Nolan

    Paul Nolan is the editor of Sales & Marketing Management magazine.

  • Douglas Cole

    I joined LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, because I believe in its vision and values, and because I'm committed to refining my craft as a leader. My team helps B2B sales organizations thrive in the new digital selling era. In addition, I'm actively involved with internal education: as a faculty member of LinkedIn's Data-Driven University (DDU), creating professional development programs with institutional partners, and standing up a Mini-MBA for the global sales team. I'm also on the leadership team that sets direction for LinkedIn Canada.

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