Motivating Sales at Novo Nordisk

In today's troubled economy, keeping a sales force motivated to perform can be critical to the success of a business. That's why Novo Nordisk turned to Performance Plus Marketing [PPM] of Roswell, GA, to build an incentive program to support the launch of its Diabetes medication, Victoza. Given the young demographic of Novo Nordisk sales force, PPM created a unique program identity for the five-day launch of the incentive promotion called "Club V." The program was Web-based, with participants earning points for training activities. A custom-designed Website communicated and explained all activities, tracked each participant's progress, attractively displayed the awards, and handled all redemption functions.
"Club V was developed with a youthful audience in mind - specifically generation X and Y," said Wendy Wagner, vice president, client service, PPM. "Some of the key traits of these groups are that they are very tech-savvy, strive to balance work and life, are very focused on results, want work to include fun, and expect efficiency. The concept of Club V brought a little of the non-work life into the mix. The concept was actualized in both a virtual presence in the form of the Website, and a physical presence during an evening event at their national sales meeting."
Added to this was The Vault, which was positioned as an exclusive club, similar to a nightclub with a VIP-only guest list. Top performers were granted access to this club with their name appearing on the exclusive guest list. The Vault had a virtual and physical representation. There was an exclusive, VIP-access-only venue at the POA 1 evening event. While everyone attended the Club V event, only top performers got their name on the list and had access to The Vault, where they could enjoy specialized food and drink options and SWAG bags.
Results: One hundred percent of those eligible participated in the Club V activities and more than 95 percent of the sales force participated in daily quizzes for the opportunity to earn prizes. Overall, the launch event was a great lead-in to the sales force rewards program that continued afterwards. The campaign's success resulted in the Incentive Marketing Association's Circle of Excellence Award for Best Sales Incentive Program.