5X Technology Solution Enhances Netsuite CRM

5x Technology, an IT solutions provider and SAP BusinessObjects volume reseller partner, launched the IntelligentInformation solution--a service providing standardization and cleansing, merging and deduping, and data enhancement capabilities. The service utilizes SAP BusinessObjects Data Services software and was customized specifically for the NetSuite platform to perform address cleansing and matching for NetSuite contact and customer records.

5x Technology’s IntelligentInformation solution is a consultative service that extracts customer data out of a NetSuite customer’s system, runs it through the tool, tags records that have redundant and incorrect information based on a client’s specifications, cleanses and merges duplicates, and then uploads the data back into the customer’s NetSuite system.

5x Technology also has created partnerships with business information providers offering verified, enhanced contact information based on a customer’s needs--standard and unique CRM database fields, including job title, industry, revenue size, website, SIC codes, NAICS codes. Premium data enhancement offerings include verified e-mail address, direct phone number, and social network profiles such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

CRM administrators, marketing and sales managers depend on providing their internal clients with the most accurate and complete contact information available. Management can also benefit from the reporting and visualization components IntelligentInformation provides.

Questions answered during and after the engagement include:

  • How many records did we start with?
  • How complete was the individual data in each record?
  • How many records did this process uncover that were duplicated, merged and standardized?

For more information, visit us at http://www.5xtechnology.com.