SlideRocket Reinvents Presentations

SlideRocket unveiled a new platform that turns presentations into interactive sales and marketing tools 24/7. Presentations are second only to e-mail as the most commonly used business communication tool, yet most are static, one-way documents that lack impact. SlideRocket elevates presentation performance by providing interaction and collaboration between presenter and audience, regardless of time or location. Now, colleagues, customers, and prospects can provide immediate feedback on what they see in a presentation via virtual sticky notes and surveys embedded in the slides. Feedback and responses are delivered immediately to the presenter, and the analytics provide insights for marketing, branding, and sales. Features include:

  • Instant response forms and polls: Add feedback forms and custom surveys to create instant focus groups.
  • Collaborative comments: Create compelling, interactive conversations with colleagues, prospects, customers, and partners by allowing viewers to provide comments anywhere in the slide deck through virtual sticky notes. Comments are delivered to the presentation author in real time and consolidated in one place.
  • Enhanced analytics: Get real-time insight and understanding to close deals and improve how you sell. Measure audience engagement, determine message effectiveness, and track results. Information on presentation engagement and feedback from comments and surveys are delivered as actionable data, in real-time.
  • Presentation dashboard: Manage the performance of all presentations from a comprehensive control center. Set sharing preferences and collaboration settings, keep track of the presentation history, and monitor analytics.

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