Teen flight from Facebook is good news for B2B marketers

If you have a teen-ager in the house, they’ve probably told you that Facebook is the new Myspace.

The exodus of millions of teens from Facebook since 2011 has coincided with the social networking site’s emergence as fertile ground for B2B marketers to generate leads and establish potentially beneficial profes-sional relationships, says Mark Lerner of Oktopost, a B2B content marketing management provider.

While the networking on Facebook, as opposed to LinkedIn, straddles the line between social and professional, there are great benefits to this. Creating personal relationships with potential business connections can give you leverage beyond that of standard business relationships.

“Facebook Groups are a collection of like-minded individuals discussing and sharing content relevant to a specific industry or topic. Although most groups are not B2B related, finding the right Facebook Groups can substantially increase socially generated leads,” Lerner says.