Adapting to the World of Virtual Selling

Navigating the world of virtual selling may seem simple, but being a great virtual salesperson takes more than simply shifting every meeting to a video conference. Sales leaders must ensure their reps are prepared for the not-so-new normal.

4 Forever Changes Transforming B2B Revenue Activities

Buyers are searching for more information on their own, which means they are engaging with your content further down the funnel. As a result, your content can’t be just a companion to a sales-led customer conversation — it needs to be able to stand on its own, address your buyers’ big questions, showcase your unique value and motivate action.

Virtual Sales Kickoffs Must Look and Feel Different

The key to a successful remote sales kickoff is tailoring the event to a virtual setting. These adjustments can help keep participants engaged.

How COVID-19 Has Changed B2B Sales

Customers will drive the stickiness of virtual sales calls, so sales teams need to recognize how the shift affects their go-to-market strategy. Jess Pingrey of Fit Small Business offers these insights.

The Path to Better Virtual Interactions

The challenge for the remote seller is to fill in as much of the information gap as they possibly can. These core remote selling skills must be mastered to improve the chances for a successful outcome.

Responding to the Digital Sales Shift

The pivot to pandemic-induced virtual sales was quick, but some version of it is here to stay. Here’s what it means for managing sales teams.

How Podcasting Can Engage B2B Buyers

The conversational nature of podcasting helps establish a connection with potential buyers and build stronger relationships with your current customers.

Media Roundtables in the Age of Social Distancing

In-person media events aren't happening anytime soon, but there are several inherent advantages of a virtual roundtable.

Why Third-Party Reviews Should Be Part of Your Go-To-Market Strategy

With nearly all purchase decisions beginning online, positive brand recognition is a linchpin to success.

A Marketer's Peek at 2021

News of promising COVID-19 vaccines has many people anxious to kick what remains of 2020 off their heels. But that requires planning for a new year. Jim Kruger, chief marketing officer at Veeam Software, offers three workplace predictions for what lies ahead. 


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