E-commerce That Avoids Channel Conflict

When manufacturers introduce e-commerce it can actually benefit distributors

Your Social Media Strategy Is Missing One Critical Element

Imagine if cars came without engines. They would look nice, but they wouldn’t do much. You could wash and wax the car all day. Admire how good it looks in your driveway. But there would always be a voice in your head questioning why you bought it. Why you maintain it. What purpose it serves.

Expand Your Use of Digital Channels to Hit Quota

Even powerful messages can get lost in digital marketing maelstroms

Marginal Gains Can Boost Overall Performance

The secret to improving digital marketing performance is to realize there is no secret

TikTok-Like Videos Have Multiple Applications

While Zoom and Teams have proven useful for video meetings, businesses are adopting other means of incorporating video into their everyday communication and workflow. Wyzowl, a provider of animated explanation videos, reports that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Will TikTok Work for B2B?

Getting in early on a good idea can play a big part in future success. Ask the people whose families sailed on the Mayflower or those who bought Bitcoin when it was valued at $8 (at least the ones who held it rather than spending it on pizza).

What’s Next?

We asked what’s trending in digital marketing. Here’s some of what we heard back.
Think Long-Term

Digital Is Spared from Sweeping Budget Cuts

How important is digital marketing spend? A Gartner spend survey of more than 400 marketing leaders in North America and Europe in August 2020 indicated that budget constraints initiated when the pandemic hit would continue into 2021, yet budgets for technology and digital channels may actually grow.

Digital Marketing Takes Center Stage

The pandemic year has businesses focusing on reaching the right prospects with the right message through the right medium.

How to Improve Your Remote Hiring Process For 2021

With much of the business world still working remotely, hiring managers are scrambling to create better ways to interview candidates from a socially distanced position.


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