Health Performance Indicators

Allen and Macomber recommend that businesses begin tracking Health Performance Indicators (HPIs) as a means of measuring their building’s performance in terms of indoor environmental quality.
HPIs can be divided into four quadrants according to the timing of indicators and what they measure.

The bottom line of healthier buildings

Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer John D. Macomber says the book he co-authored with Harvard Assistant Professor Joseph G. Allen is aimed at making the business case for investing in healthy buildings. Here are some of the facts they present to make that argument.

Minimizing Risk in the Workplace

Using a hierarchy of controls as a response framework, companies can take a range of actions — weighing the effectiveness and financial impact of each — to combat Covid-19 in their buildings.
Elimination of exposure by extending work-from-home policies is most effective but not feasible for all companies.

How healthy is your office?

Sports teams from the professional level to high school invest significant sums of money in their facilities to obtain peak productivity from their athletes. On the professional level, athletes are paid exorbitant salaries, thus it only makes sense for owners to seek the best return on their investment by supplying elite training equipment that can help draw out every bit of their skills.

Leading through a crisis: 5 factors for success

Even faced with a pandemic, leaders can motivate teams by being transparent and by encouraging positive change. Here are five critical factors that leaders can use to maximize the likelihood of successful company transition in times of crisis.

Corporate perks for Fido

Millennials are the country’s largest pet-owning demographic, overtaking Baby Boomers in 2017. The shift to working from home has caused many previous petless households to adopt an animal. Companies are taking notice and responding by incorporating pet-friendly perks into their employee policies.

Is monitoring software helpful or ‘Big Brother’?

Since entire workforces have moved to remote offices, some companies have implemented various software programs that closely track employee productivity and time spent on tasks. Proponents argue these systems help workers who may struggle to focus in a work-from-home environment stay on task and even increase productivity from their days in the office.

Burnout is also spreading

“COVID-19 is taking a toll on our minds and emotions in a million little ways,” says Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. “Now, more than ever, employers should double down against stigmas and guarantee employees know of the resources, benefits and accommodations available.”
SHRM offers these tips for employers:

The stress of home life invades work

It’s important to remember that your workers are more than the jobs they perform. Employers need to be aware that it’s not just the stress of working from home that may be impacting workers’ performance.

Mindful management has never been more important

Awareness and empathy are crucial skills for managers to help employees cope with anxiety


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