Social media can elevate your reward events

FOMO – The fear of missing out.

We all have it. Thanks to social media platforms and modern communication, the feeling of missing out on a good time has become more prevalent and contagious, as our friends, family and colleagues continue to share every thrilling (and
not-so-thrilling) moment of their lives.

5 questions to climb to new sales heights

You have sales goals to reach. You need your salespeople to reach their goals to get you there. But if you’re like most sales leaders, 40 to 70 percent of your people will fall short of their quota. You have to get the sales reps to change their behaviors. You must get them in line to produce results.

Building A B2B Sales Force That Works

The ideal structure for high-performing B2B sales is repeatable, scalable and trainable. Here's a closer look at what that means.

7 Questions to Build Rapport in Sales

Before buyers will open up to you about their needs and desires, they have to first be comfortable with you. Genuine rapport sets the table for the rest of the conversation.

Incentive Program FAQs

A single-page article in print is rarely enough for me to the get the message across, so this online extra helps fill in the blanks. I hope it provides clarity in the case of feeling a little confused.
Q: What is a pre-mortem and why should I do it? I’ve already been to the dentist once this year.

13 Musts from an Accidental Salesperson

The first secret to surviving in sales (almost by accident) is there is no secret, but here are 13 things that have helped me succeed in a career I never imagined.

5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Get More Out of CRM

While sales reps have long used the platform’s core features, but most aren’t getting as much out of their CRM systems as they could be.

Machine Learning Makes Life Easier

Once sellers are equipped with the right content and data, the bigger challenge organizations face is how to take their static sales presentation to a dynamic interaction that resonates with their potential buyer. In short, teams need to know which content articulates their value in real-time.

What lies ahead

Forecasting, it is said, is the art of saying what will happen, and then explaining why it didn’t. It may be a fool’s errand to predict what B2B marketing strategies will emerge in 2019, but trendwatching is an important skill for business leaders across all industries.

Design and implement your best sales incentive ever

Maybe we’ve met. Was it was at a trade show or a conference? You said you’ve built a lot of sales incentive programs as a manager, and, not to toot your own horn, but they have worked pretty darn well.

A knowledge gap crisis

Before I began researching this issue’s cover story, I had no idea the lack of sales management training was as dire a problem as it is. We thought there was a gap in training for B2B sales managers, but quickly discovered that “gap” is actually a canyon (hence the cover image).

Why Product-Agnostic Content Wins in B2B Marketing

Effective content marketing doesn't contain a sales pitch, and doesn't need to mention your brand except as the source of the content.

10 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Trust

You already know it's more cost-effective to keep a current customer than find a new one. These 10 steps will help create a customer-first culture that goes a long way toward convincing customers to stay with you for life.

Digital Commerce Strategies that Every Brand Should Watch

Consumers today are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping, and the e-commerce marketing landscape is constantly shifting. You need a dedicated marketing strategy to convert your target customers into buyers. Here are a few digital marketing strategies your brand should be focusing on.

Unleashing the Power of Frontline Sales Management

Studies show that effective frontline sales management makes a significant difference in revenue. So why don't more companies pay attention to it?

From KPIs to Marketing Accountability: How Marketing Directors Use Analytics

To gain actionable insights into marketing performance and the expected impact of future investments our analytics must evolve.

15 Phrases You Should Always Avoid Communicating with Clients

Words and phrases that commonly make it into our casual conversations have no place in business communications. Are any of these phrases to avoid showing up in your customer interactions?