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A New View of Management: Where Workplace Motivation Goes From Here

In the short time that people have been completely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a flood of stories on how to keep workers engaged and productive. The challenge for business leaders is determining what changes regarding management are temporary and what might be more lasting.

This special report from the team at Sales and Marketing Management magazine contains guidance for managing and motivating in this uncertain time and for the period beyond that.

The value of fresh starts

How important are end-of-month/quarter/year dates for sales revenues? On one level, they’re everything. Deadlines drive activity. On another level, they’re just numbers, dates and made-up deadlines that are creations of our imagination. However we frame them, the undeniable truth is they matter.

Why Is Today’s Revenue Process Stuck in the Pre-Industrial Age?

We're in a data revolution. Why haven’t companies taken a similarly unified and data-driven approach to other aspects of business, particularly today’s fragmented revenue process?

Improving The Customer Experience With Behavior Modelling for Sellers

Sales leaders need to focus on modeling the right behavior to positively impact their customers for successful account planning. Behavior modeling that improves the customer experience in sales can be achieved in three main ways: coaching, mentoring and a center of excellence.

A Failure to Launch?

Proper sales enablement can keep a product launch from crash landing.

Is Your Sales Team Leaving Money On The Table?

If your goal for your sales team is to make better deals, faster and at better margins, then you must read (and follow) these five tips.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

Here’s how you can apply the lessons from the best-selling "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" to achieve greater sales effectiveness.

AI: The Ultimate B2B Growth Accelerator

In most cases, we have not yet reached the widely discussed point where AI is replacing humans, but it is helping a lot of companies across a broad cross-section of industries accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. Here are some different ways that AI can help you grow your business by increasing sales.

5 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

You may have a world-class website and nobody will see it if you don’t focus your efforts on increasing online traffic. Here are some ways to do just that.

Expanding Your Brand to Europe? Here’s What This Thriving Silicon Valley Tech Company Learned

Expanding your brand to Europe may not be top of mind in the current business climate, but there will be a time when it returns as an appealing growth opportunity. Here's what one company learned.

AI’s Role In Sales and Marketing

It’s said that AI is like high school sex: Everyone talks about it, no one really knows how to do it, and everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so they say they are doing it. We look at how AI might really impact B2B sales and marketing.