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Paul Nolan

I plead guilty to enjoying a cold beer or two, and I’ve watched with amazement as the decade-long bull market in the craft beer industry shows no signs of abating. Craft brewers reported a 13 percent increase in volume in 2015, the eighth consecutive year of double-digit growth. With more than 4,250 microbreweries nationwide — more than ever before — the craft beer industry now represents 12 percent market share of the total beer market, according to the trade group Brewers Association.

Closers ( Canon)

A passion for beer and staying independent

In 1984, Jim Koch (pronounced “cook”), then in his mid-30s, made the leap from working in management consulting at Boston Consulting Group to start Boston Beer Co. The company, makers of Samuel Adams, rented space and equipment from other breweries for more than a decade before Koch purchased his first brewery. Today, Koch is a billionaire and Boston Beer Co. is the second-largest craft brewery in America. In his 2016 book “Quench Your Own Thirst,” Koch shares tales of that growth and business lessons he learned along the way.


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