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A New View of Management: Where Workplace Motivation Goes From Here

In the short time that people have been completely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a flood of stories on how to keep workers engaged and productive. The challenge for business leaders is determining what changes regarding management are temporary and what might be more lasting.

This special report from the team at Sales and Marketing Management magazine contains guidance for managing and motivating in this uncertain time and for the period beyond that.

Using a Podcast to Measure ROI In 3 Ways

Podcasts are a great way for B2B companies to raise brand awareness, but the benefits don't end there. They present a larger opportunity to engage a core audience throughout the buyer’s journey while measuring the impact of those efforts.

Tactics to Guarantee Your Team Will Dominate the New Year

Armed with the right metrics and a clearer idea of how the current year is playing out, your sales team will be ready to start preparing for the year ahead.

4 Reasons Why the PDF Is Bad for Business

In order for businesses to perform at optimal levels and compete with digitally transforming companies globally, it is time to switch to something more dynamic than the static PDF.

The Art of the Bluff: How This Poker Tactic Could Boost Your Sales

How this staple tactic of the poker table can be a valuable and valid tool in sales negotiations.

Key Questions Every Underlying Business Model Should Answer

Five critical ways effective sales and operation planning drives to the heart of business model enablement.

7 Tips to Skyrocket Performance In Small Sales Teams

Small sales teams can perform incredibly well if you get the right balance of skills, motivation and resources. Here are seven tips for boosting the performance of a small sales team.

You Can’t Afford to Keep Your Old RFP Process: 4 Benefits of Technology

RFPs are a painful necessity. Establishing a quick, repeatable process for RFPs can have a direct impact on revenue.

What lies ahead

The country, nay, the world, is anxious to see what happens on Nov. 3, 2020. But plenty will occur before and after an expected record number of U.S. voters head to the polls.

Onboarding has long-term impacts

Managers must keep in mind that early experiences for new employees echo from the culture canyon and set the long-term tone.


In a recent episode of his HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” comedian John Oliver ranted about media companies that bring us weather news. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must, if only to admire how Oliver weaves Eddie Vedder into the bit and even does an impression of the Pearl Jam frontman.