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A New View of Management: Where Workplace Motivation Goes From Here

In the short time that people have been completely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a flood of stories on how to keep workers engaged and productive. The challenge for business leaders is determining what changes regarding management are temporary and what might be more lasting.

This special report from the team at Sales and Marketing Management magazine contains guidance for managing and motivating in this uncertain time and for the period beyond that.

Abandon Dead-End Thinking: Best Practices for Working Leads

Nurturing leads generates a 20% increase in sales opportunities and takes as little as 15 minutes per day. So why are reps so quick to label a lead a dead end?

If You Want to Enact Change, Breaking Through the Noise Is Key

In order to stand out in a market overcrowded with messaging, it’s important that you meet prospects on their terms and provide the change they seek.

Why Hearing 'No' Is Actually a Good Thing

An initial "no" should be the start of a negotiation, not the end.

Crafting Sales Performance

Practice does not make perfect, but it does increase the odds of success. Great salespeople deliver their average over time as they hone their sales craft.

4 Spooky Characters to Skip In Your Cold Calls this Halloween

Whether you’re an SDR, trick-or-treater or receiving a dreaded cold call, there is plenty to fear this spooky season. Here are the top four scariest horror scenarios to avoid having in your cold outreach so you don’t end up sending your prospects running.

Why Messaging Is Great for Customer Loyalty Programs

Every business wants to earn lasting loyalty from customers at each stage of the loyalty journey. The first step to achieve this is relevant, convenient and personalized communication. Asynchronous messaging can get you there.

5 Things Your Sales Reps Are Complaining About

Five things that are most likely to annoy your salespeople, and how your businesses can fix it.

Ease Compliance Woes with Better Data Management Processes

Exploring some questions that your sales organization can ask to ensure better data management processes and compliance with data privacy regulations.

How Effective Listening Helps Build Customer Relationships and Close Deals

While the main thing customers are looking for is whether your product or service meets their needs, it’s not the only factor they consider. As the HBR report found, good listeners have conversations that build the other person’s self-esteem.

Marketing Cuts Have Consequences

Cutting marketing budgets reduces leads, which lowers revenue, which leaves managers questioning their decisions.