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The Great Reset

B2B sales leaders are rethinking everything from hiring to onboarding, prospecting and keeping a slice of customers’ budgets. Our special report looks at how COVID-19 has reshaped sales. Insights include:

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AI’s Role In Sales and Marketing

It’s said that AI is like high school sex: Everyone talks about it, no one really knows how to do it, and everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so they say they are doing it. We look at how AI might really impact B2B sales and marketing.

How To Incentivize Your Sales Team to Hit Their 2020 Goals

Sales managers are racing to hit their 2020 goals, which are likely higher than last year’s. It’s no secret that by setting effective sales incentives and pay structures you can dramatically increase your team’s success rate. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

The Tao of WOW!

Wowing customers has been built into the business plan of B2B companies across all industries. As much as a focus on wowing customers must become part of the corporate culture, managers should emphasize that not every interaction with customer can be a “wow” moment, says Micah Solomon in his new book, “Ignore Your Customers (And They’ll Go Away).”  

Lead Generation Tactics for Increased B2B Sales

To sell effectively and stay competitive, you must know how to generate more leads to convert to customers. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Negotiating a Deal In Crunch Time

Time is never more precious than when it’s running out. Therefore, using your preparation time strategically before the negotiation can help ensure you capitalize on every second when it counts.

Incentives and Rewards: A Closer Look

In my conversation with Jana Gallus from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, we examined the ways that precision impacts the effectiveness of rewards. Her research points to important aspects of how rewards, the signals they send and their efficacy are affected by precision. In short, more precision is better for rewards used with incentives, while less precision is better for rewards used with recognition.

Make Your Content Impossible to Ignore

If you want to persuade your buyers to act in your favor, you ned your message to become part of their memory. The Prospective Memory Model is a framework backed by brain science for getting people to act on the 10% you want them to remember.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Sales Development Rep With Automation

Sales teams may not be able to focus on finding qualified leads if they need to scale. That’s where sales development representatives step in. Implementing the right automation will improve SDRs' performance.

3 Skills for Influencing the Customer’s Thinking

It's more difficult than ever to get C-suite decision makers to make a buying decision. We examine three effective skills for influencing the customer’s thinking and driving buying decisions.

5 trends in gaining more customer insight

Customers have more power and more information than ever. Here are five predictions about how the customer is a strategic focus for B2B companies in 2020.