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The Great Reset

B2B sales leaders are rethinking everything from hiring to onboarding, prospecting and keeping a slice of customers’ budgets. Our special report looks at how COVID-19 has reshaped sales. Insights include:

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The 5 Marketing Conferences You Need to Attend in 2020

You need to be just as strategic in your selection of marketing conferences as you are with your marketing campaigns. Here are five of the best conferences to attend in 2020

Signals that sales managers send with rewards

Sales reps and rewards go hand in hand. Managers use rewards because they reliably deliver recognition and motivation. However, one often overlooked aspect of a reward is the signals that go with them.

More high-tech takes

This issue’s cover feature on artificial intelligence (AI) marks the second straight issue that we have focused our cover story on technology. Our last issue of 2019 looked at how 5G technology will change how sales reps and marketing professionals do their jobs.

Customer Feedback Will Be More Actionable and Better Managed in 2020

Polls, ratings, surveys – collecting feedback has never been easier. But what happens to all this data? We need to find a way to collect the whole but solve for the part.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, and So Is One Great Customer Reference

Customer references are an influential purchase decision support tool. Creating a customer reference program begins with a solid foundation that sets the tone, defines the scope, and supports the customer reference infrastructure.

5 Trends That Will Transform Meetings

These five trends, identified by a leading hospitality management company, will have a transformative influence on how businesses approach the group meeting experience in 2020 and beyond.

A Blueprint for Your Disruption: How to Become the Next Kodak, the Next Blockbuster, or the Next Taxi Cab Medallion Owner

While some companies spend countless hours devising business plans that encourage new customers to buy, join or stay, others manage to devise schemes that leave customers with little or no choice but to move to competitive offerings. Here's what we can we learn from these businesses.

Building a Winning Sales Organization Following an Acquisition

The complexity involved in integrating sales organizations following a merger is often overlooked. It's imperative to have a clear definition of the role sales plays, the sales process, performance metrics and a definition of success.

Tactics To Help You Meet Your 2020 Sales Goals

Reps aren’t disappearing; they’re transitioning into the value-added resources that their business customers need. Now more than ever, sales reps need to complement high-tech with high-touch. Here are eight tactics and techniques that can help your reps meet their 2020 sales goals.

Buyers To Sellers: ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’

A recent study shows that overwhelmed B2B buyers face a crisis of confidence.