Why Your Salespeople Won’t Follow Up With Prospects

Why don’t salespeople follow-up? And when they do, why are the efforts so frustratingly lame? The answer to an important evaluation question may lead managers to an appropriate solution. 

Bringing People Together Virtually During a Global Pandemic

Virtual events are new to most organizations, but that doesn't mean they can't be effective. These tips will help you create a better virtual event experience.

Accelerating Software Sales in a No-Touch World with Virtual PoCs and Demos

In the new no-touch world, product demos performed virtually are more critical than ever. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward.

The Art of Collaboration: Turn Strategic Losses into Opportunities to Win

If you are struggling to regain your footing in the COVID-19 era, you are not alone. We examine how to evaluate your current standing and begin translating losses into new opportunities to win.

How SMS Can Elevate Your Marketing Programs

Text messages are an ideal way to connect with clients. Here's why.

The Mayo Clinic on…

Feeling anxious is a normal, healthy human response to stressful circumstances. But sometimes fear and worry become excessive, causing intense physical reactions and disrupting one’s quality of life.

When positivity can have a negative impact

A key rule of managing remote teams in the pandemic is to keep in mind that everybody’s experience is different. Some employees may find WFH more conducive to their work habits, while others struggle with the lack of structure that the controlled environment of an office provided.

Helping WFH employees improve productivity

A sense of accomplishment is vital for workers who are uncertain when they will return to the office. Increased communication from managers and clarity about goals and how performance is being measured helps workers maintain a sense of their performance.

Workers and employers feel good about WFH

Allego, a leading provider of virtual learning and enablement solutions, surveyed employees and employers (HR reps) in two separate surveys to get a clearer idea how each side was feeling about technical and non-technical resources provided to them by their organizations, employee productivity and collaboration, and COVID-19’s overall impact on their company.

Are you ready to reopen?

As employers look to reopen and bring team members back to the office, if only on a part-time basis, it’s important to realize they cannot think of it as “business as usual,” says Mike Veny, who consults with companies on promoting mental health wellness. It’s not exaggeration to say we are living through traumatic times, he says. Employers must be sensitive to that.


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