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3 Steps to More Effective Virtual Coaching

The COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages when Scott Cassidy, vice president of marketing for ASLAN Training and Development, posted some tips for virtual coaching. Even back in May 2020, Cassidy realized that remote teams would likely outlast the pandemic. His recommendations:

Observe Remotely – Use the technology at your disposal and have your reps record their meetings, and then use the recording of the video conference or phone call to break down the interaction and coach. Note: Be sure to get your customer’s permission, but most won’t have a problem with it. If it helps the rep improve or helps them serve the client better, both sides win.

Remote Role Play – If you can’t capture a real video conference or phone call, you can role play with your sales rep. Be the customer and record the role play interaction. Listen together and coach from there.

Self-Evaluation – Another coaching tactic, and an important skill for all reps to have in general, is self-evaluation. Give your rep an outline of questions to go over and answer after each sales call in order for them to evaluate their own capabilities.

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