Pending Recession Dampens Wage Inflation Pressure on Sellers’ Pay

More than 85 companies reported revenue performance, turnover rates and change in compensation costs, including incentive and total compensation increases, for Alexander Group's 2023 Sales Compensation Trends Survey. Here's what we learned.

The New Sales Conversation: How AI is changing the way we sell

Groundbreaking technology such as generative AI is changing how sales conversations play out. How far will it go, and what does it mean for the role of sales and marketing professionals?

Podcasts Are More Common in Today’s Sales Conversations

If you load them with worthwhile information, podcasts are an effective means to get uninterrupted time with prospects and existing customers.

Forget Call Centers, Contact Centers are the Future

Instead of relying on just one communication channel - the telephone - contact centers are multi-channel facilities that use several forms of communication to talk to customers.

3 Ways to Increase Sales Reps’ Use of Marketing’s Content

Sellers aren't using marketing's content? Research shows that who shares the content with sellers greatly affects their likelihood of using it.

AI Will Be Both a Job Killer and a Job Creator

While call center jobs could decline, B2B sales and marketing jobs will be created for those who can interpret data and acquire the digital skills that will be demanded in the new age.

6 Small Changes that Can Send Your Team’s Morale Into Overdrive

Boosting your sales and marketing team’s morale is an excellent way to increase workplace happiness and productivity. Use these tips to get ahead.

Harnessing New Trends In Social Media To Achieve Sales Goals

One of the most significant benefits of using social media to support B2B sales is the flexibility and responsiveness the channel provides.

Skyrocket Your Sales: Proven Strategies for Success

The right sales strategy can help you better understand your customers and develop a better relationship with them. Have you got these essential components of a comprehensive sales strategy in place?

Unleashing Generative AI: Shifting from Sales Pitch to Sales Discovery

The transition from building seller proficiency on sales pitch to building seller proficiency on sales discovery is just the first step into the brave new world of smarter, more effective AI-powered sales solutions.

3 Non-Obvious Meeting Strategies to Drive Inclusion

A meeting is a snapshot of culture. If meetings are inclusive, it is likely that the culture is inclusive. In cultures where diversity and inclusion thrive, it is likely that a wide variety of perspectives are represented in the meeting, people feel psychologically safe sharing their perspectives and those perspectives are welcomed and heard.

5 Reasons Why the Customer Success Team Should Be Marketing’s New Bestie

Customer Success teams hold priceless information for marketing. And marketing can amplify the work of the Customer Success team. In the era of doing more with less, this is a collaboration that will yield real results.

Ask for the Order

Asking for the order is stating your product is the right fit for your customer’s unique purpose, and you would appreciate their business. So why do sales reps so often miss this vital step?

Is the Clash Between Your Sales and Finance Teams Killing Your Revenue Growth?

Mending the fractured sales/finance relationship needs to be a priority at the top level. It needs to start from the top down.

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