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Selling Into the Headwinds of Today’s Unique Environment

Conquering an uncertain economy, supply shortages and the constraints presented by a global pandemic requires creativity and aligning incentives to desired outcomes.

Avoid These Mistakes When Asking for Referrals

Getting qualified sales leads is the fastest way to sales success, but these common mistakes in pursuit of referrals can be career-ending.

Better Sales Proposals Start with the Right Response Management Technology

If solid sales proposals are the key to getting your foot in the door with new clients (and they are), then why do so many companies take a lackluster approach to responding to requests for proposals and quotes?

6 Traps that Catch New Sales Managers

The skill sets and mind-sets that create great salespeople often don’t translate well to supervisory roles.

Join the SMM Connect Community

Be part of a community of over 40,000 sales and marketing professionals. Get immediate access to hundreds of live and recorded training sessions, ebooks and resources.

New Focus Report: Break Out the Lanyards

Virtual selling and marketing are here for good in some fashion, but sales and marketing teams are eager to get trade shows and live events back on their calendars.

Turn Data Collection Into Lead Generation

Getting leads isn't enough. You must be able to amass reliable data that’s unique to your organization and translate it all into actionable intel that will close deals.

A Little DAP Will Do You

A digital adoption platform (DAP) can be used to not only drive adoption of sales tech, but remove friction from the sales process.

Why Triggered Emails Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Automated or triggered emails help companies tailor their messages to the consumer at specific, predetermined times. They are an effective means of building trust with customers and prospects.

Rethinking How We Approach Mental Health In the Workplace

If the past nearly two years has taught sales and marketing leaders anything, it's that equipping workers with knowledge about maintaining mental health and then supporting those efforts is vital to overall performance.

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