4 Ways to Make the Most of Virtual Sales Meetings

Given that video interactions will be the norm for a while, now is an ideal time for sales reps to start developing best practices for video interactions. Here are four actionable tips to help you lead more successful virtual sales meetings.

7 Time Management Hacks for Busy Marketers

A day where only 20% of a marketer's tasks completed have value can mean the decline of a brand’s success. Fortunately, time management is something that can be worked on and improved. Here’s where to start

4 Marketing Trends to Expect for a Post-COVID-19 World

What B2B marketing and sales will look like in a post-COVID world is unclear, but there are some developments that seem evident. Preparing for those now can put you ahead of competitors.

How the Pandemic is Reshaping Sales and Service

Sales processes have been disrupted by the pandemic. Aligning sales and service teams will better position companies to engage with customers throughout their journey and achieve mutual success for themselves and their clients.

Steering Your Business Through the Pandemic’s Perfect Storm

The pandemic has forced a lot of change. Ideal customers have put buying on hold. B2B sellers can hunker down and hope for a return to "normal," or ride the wave and find opportunities amid the disruption.

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Why Your Salespeople Won’t Follow Up With Prospects

Why don’t salespeople follow-up? And when they do, why are the efforts so frustratingly lame? The answer to an important evaluation question may lead managers to an appropriate solution. 

Bringing People Together Virtually During a Global Pandemic

Virtual events are new to most organizations, but that doesn't mean they can't be effective. These tips will help you create a better virtual event experience.

Accelerating Software Sales in a No-Touch World with Virtual PoCs and Demos

In the new no-touch world, product demos performed virtually are more critical than ever. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward.

The Art of Collaboration: Turn Strategic Losses into Opportunities to Win

If you are struggling to regain your footing in the COVID-19 era, you are not alone. We examine how to evaluate your current standing and begin translating losses into new opportunities to win.