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Bumping Up Sales at Dunder Mifflin

Michael Scott got some things right as he bumbled through sales management. His sales team could have reached new heights with technology like sales gamification.

Spread Your Message with Through-Channel Marketing

As more B2B companies observe growing sales revenue through indirect channels, brands are realizing the need for effective, scalable execution of marketing campaigns through their channel partners.

Earning Trust In a Digital Business World

High-touch B2B transactions in person will return, but the digital shift is permanent in many ways. This transformation, known as guided CX is a way to earn the trust of customers and prospects as well as drive meaningful business outcomes.

Why Your CRM System Is Essential for Lead Management

You've got a CRM system in place. So why are so many qualified leads not followed up? It's time to rethink the role of your CRM.

Join the SMM Connect Community

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New Focus Report: The Ultimate Guide to Non-Cash Incentives

It’s never been more important to recognize top performers and key business partners. Why cash doesn’t cut it and what the options are.

5 Ways Coaching Elevates Sales Performance

Sales coaching and development helps drive consistent sales rep behaviors across the entire team and elevates average performers to become top-performing salespeople.

How to Target a B2B Audience With Mobile Marketing Strategies

Consumer marketing campaigns have to take mobile phone marketing strategies into consideration. It should be no different for B2B campaigns.

Consumers Crave Connection. Clubhouse Can Help

Brands that identify new ways to participate in social interactions with their customers stand to achieve gains in both engagement and loyalty. B2B marketers would be wise to take a closer look at this budding social app.

How to Use Sales Competencies to Create a Cadence of Continuous Improvement

Competencies are talked about in HR and talent circles, but less commonly in sales.

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