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How to Leverage a B2B Sales Advantage in a Post-COVID World

Business-to-business sales teams must modify their strategies to leverage an advantage in a post-COVID world.

Structuring an Initial Face-to-Face Meeting with a C-Suite Executive

Senior executives are often wary of salespeople in any case, so being credible, compelling and concise all apply for this initial face-to-face interaction.

Your Martech Stack Isn’t Complete Without This Tool

Marketers have an opportunity to make their stack smarter and more innovative by adding tools that spark and empower creativity.

5 Things to Know About Using Video for Sales

Use of video in sales presentations will rapidly increase in 2021. It’s time your sales team learns how to benefit.

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New Special Report: Driving Performance

What can oil riggers teach about motivation and making work matter? What is the future of incentive travel? How did the COVID year change recognition strategies? This Report dives into these and other reward and recognition topics.

The Sale’s Manager’s Guide to Performance Management

A sales environment is heavily focused on the achievement of goals, quotas and targets. Staff are motivated and ambitious, and competition between sales agents...

Make a Return to the Office Easier for Everyone

Steps leaders can take to make employees feel supported and safe ahead of an eventual return to the workplace.

Worker Engagement Rollercoasters Through the Pandemic

According to Gallup, worker engagement ping-ponged in 2020. It's important for managers to be aware of some of the facts about worker engagement.

Why 2021 Requires a New Type of Sales Manager

The pandemic made existing sales productivity challenges more pronounced and created new ones. As leaders, we need to find ways to shift our operating philosophy for this new age of sales.

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