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Sales Leaders Must Harness the Power of AI While Keeping the Human Touch

A Q&A in which Gartner Director Analyst Adnan Zijadic explains how sales managers can help their teams maximize the power of AI while keeping the important human element part of the sales process.

5 Best Practices for Building a Cybersecure Sales Force

Sales data is among the most important to secure from cyber attacks. Sales managers and their team members have important roles in safeguarding businesses and stakeholder relationships.

How to Create and Execute Marketing Strategies to Hit Business Goals

it's vital that CMOs be able to draw a direct line between marketing activities and business outcomes. They can do that by using the three P’s of marketing strategic planning.

Stop Scrolling! How to Make Your Thumbnails Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

In the world of digital marketing, thumbnail images serve as mini billboards for your content. Elevating your thumbnail game is not just about getting noticed; it's about conveying your message compellingly and succinctly at first glance.

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New Focus Report: The Ultimate Guide to Non-Cash Incentives

Our Ultimate Guide to Non-Cash Incentives is a new report that provides the latest research on effective reward and recognition in the workplace.

The 7 Types of Content That Navigate the Buyer’s Journey

Marketing content is more effective when it's created with a specific goal in mind. Each of these types of marketing content serves a unique purpose, addressing different stages of the journey and the buyer's needs.

Unlocking Growth Potential: The Dynamic Landscape of Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence is an emerging and crucial tool that comes to the rescue of firms in the quest for sustainability. A look at the dynamics, trends, challenges and prospects shaping the sales intelligence market.

3 Ways CSOs Can Partner with Marketing to Accelerate Sales Performance

Organizations that focus sales and marketing collaboration efforts around creating a customer engagement strategy will enable strong, purposeful growth without needing to collaborate across every initiative.

How To Simplify Marketing to Strengthen Your Business

Simplifying your marketing approach can save you time and money while also making it more effective. Here are some practical tips to streamline your marketing and free yourself up to focus on what you do best.

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