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A New View of Management: Where Workplace Motivation Goes From Here

In the short time that people have been completely focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a flood of stories on how to keep workers engaged and productive. The challenge for business leaders is determining what changes regarding management are temporary and what might be more lasting.

This special report from the team at Sales and Marketing Management magazine contains guidance for managing and motivating in this uncertain time and for the period beyond that.

How to Realign Sales Teams to Motivate a Remote Workforce

Many sales professionals are experiencing the challenge of staying motivated and productive in their new work-from-home environment while also coping with economic uncertainty. Here's how sales managers can lead a realignment to motivate their salespeople.

9 Killer B2B Demand Generation Strategies To Fuel Your Marketing

Effective demand generation turns prospects into lucrative clients. Here are nine effective strategies you can follow to boost your marketing campaign's effciency.

Simple Steps to Creating an Inclusive Workplace

One study showed that the most diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their competition. To implement diversity and inclusive behaviors is no easy task, but small steps taken by leadership can make a large impact.

6 Tips for Connecting In the Current Environment

It's OK to use these uncertain times to continue reaching out to customers and prospects, build new relationships and strengthening old ones. But do it in an empathetic way.

Moving Your Work to Your Home: The Complete Checklist

If you're making WFH a long-term thing, here are some starting pointers that can make a big difference.

Firing Up the Revenue Engine Post-Crisis

As organizations emerge from the pandemic crisis and fire up their sales engines, the channel must adapt, shifting and aligning priorities (support), implementing more impactful channel strategies (enable) and leveraging the right solutions (engage).

Business as (Un)usual: Best Practices for Salespeople Amidst COVID-19

Sales success in this environment will look somewhat different. Here are some best practices for securing sales while remaining sensitive to customer circumstances amidst crisis. 

Sales Enablement In a Remote Work Reality

With internal meetings (training bootcamps, sales kick-offs, role play sessions, etc.), client and prospect meetings, and industry trade shows getting postponed and canceled, here's how sales teams can pivot quickly to drive productivity in a new (predominantly virtual) environment.

Keeping Remote Sales Teams Productive

The shift to connecting digitally with your sales team and your reps connecting digitally with prospects - at least a good deal of the time - is likely here for the long term. That will require some new approaches to maintaining productivity and high morale. What skill sets will help accomplish that?

The Perfect Time to Employ A Subscription Model

The recurring revenue that comes with a successful subscription model is the ideal shield against an economic downturn of any kind.