3 Steps to Keep Buyers Engaged During Your Virtual Meetings

In a virtual sales world, sellers need to cross a higher bar to capture and keep buyers’ attention. There are three key areas of engagement during a virtual selling process.

7 Steps and 3 Tools for a Complete SEO Analysis

 If your competitors are found online more than you, it's a recipe for not surviving long. Here's how to improve your SEO performance.

Making Sales in 2021 and Beyond

Many changes  that were forced on B2B sellers due to COVID-19 are here for the long term. That includes the death of traditional PowerPoint presentations, increased emphasis on sales and marketing alignment and simplifying buyer decisions.

Why Texting Has a Place In Your Event

Meg Scales, chief marketing officer of SlickText, discusses the importance and effectiveness of incorporating text messages into events, virtual and otherwise.

Don’t Neglect Channel Partner Programs

Training is essential to having success with channel partners, and just as in-person sales calls shifted to virtual due to the global pandemic, so too has channel partner training.

Training Incentives Are Vital in the Digital Sales Era

In the COVID-19 era, online training and certifications have skyrocketed. People have turned to learning to fill their time and improve their skills.

Build Your e-Charisma

Physical charms that work in person don’t always transfer to video calls. E-charisma involves a completely different set of skills than physical charisma.

New-era Sales Requires a Formula 1-Like Focus

Prior to COVID-19, reps could often pop in and see a prospect or existing customer without an appointment. Or perhaps they would could linger a bit, ask for a favor and get access to the person they wanted to meet.

Adapting to the World of Virtual Selling

Navigating the world of virtual selling may seem simple, but being a great virtual salesperson takes more than simply shifting every meeting to a video conference. Sales leaders must ensure their reps are prepared for the not-so-new normal.

4 Forever Changes Transforming B2B Revenue Activities

Buyers are searching for more information on their own, which means they are engaging with your content further down the funnel. As a result, your content can’t be just a companion to a sales-led customer conversation — it needs to be able to stand on its own, address your buyers’ big questions, showcase your unique value and motivate action.


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