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Mental Health in Marketing: How to Turn a Moment Into a Movement

The pandemic has created a parallel mental health crisis. If the marketing industry hopes to achieve progress, the workplace must support employees’ mental well-being.
Stumbling on Your SEO Efforts? Try Some Video Magic.

Stumbling on Your SEO Efforts? Try Some Video Magic.

Video can become one of your most important marketing tools. Here are some best practices to consider as you start producing and showcasing a repository of one-of-a-kind videos to enhance your SEO strategy.

5 Trends for Marketers from Marketers

Isabelle Papoulias, chief marketing officer of sales enablement solution provider Mediafly, asked five peers to pinpoint important aspects of B2B marketing in an increasingly digital world.
Content Marketing Is More Than Just Leads

Content Marketing is More Than Just Leads, It’s Connections

Content marketing helps make connections with key members within your industry. Here are four ways to shift from a conversion-focused strategy to connections.

How Digital Contracts Improve the B2B Buyer Experience

Many B2B sales cycles are painfully long as it is. Digital contracting streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, from generation to negotiation to fulfillment, and beyond.
PPC campaign strategy

Starting Your Initial PPC Campaign: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

PPC is a great marketing strategy that can boost brand visibility, traffic and conversions within days. These nine steps will help you create a great strategy from the start.

How Document Automation Improves Your Sales Process

A lot more than productivity is lost when salespeople have to devote their time to manual document creation.
Virtual Onboarding

Using VR to Onboard Your Sales Team at Lightning Speed

Onboarding new B2B sales reps using virtual reality may become the norm as companies start another year with virtual teams.

Your Most Important Sales Kickoff Is the Next One

Sales kickoffs must be used to activate each salesperson's sense of purpose or companies risk getting lost in an endless cycle of onboarding.
What B2B marketers Can Expect in 2022

What B2B Marketers Can Expect in 2022

B2B marketing and media relations in 2022 will continue to focus on rich storytelling, but it will include new voices, prioritize emerging mediums and approach thought leadership in new ways.

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