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Revenue Growth case study

How Kimberly-Clark Professional Sharpened Its Marketing Messaging and Accelerated Revenue Growth

How a recognized consumer brand operating in the B2B space adopted a value selling approach in support of its core mission, maintained price integrity and achieved impressive results.
The Role of Content Writing in Modern Sales Strategies

The Role of Content Writing in Modern Sales Strategies

In the digital age, content is critical to sales. A refresher on creating strong content that sells is always timely.

Employ Perceptiveness, Savvy and Charisma to Thrive in Your Business Relationships

Building relationships is a daily proactive pursuit for those who want to increase their performance and make an impact on their future success trajectory. As you focus on building genuine business relationships, use these tips to enhance your relationship-building skills.
Learn to Love Your Customers

Learn to Love Your Customer so They’ll Love You This Valentine’s Day (and Beyond)

There are guiding principles almost as old as love itself that will help customers fall in love with your product and make the sales process a whole lot easier.
The Rise of Conversational Marketing

The Rise of Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing opens new ways for brands to engage audiences and drives business impact through increased customer satisfaction, deeper brand affinity, lower acquisition costs and boosted revenue. The time to start experimenting is now.
The Importance of Continuous Learning

Unleashing Marketing Potential Through Continuous Learning and Innovation

The principle of never outgrowing learning is crucial to any business’s survival. How ongoing learning can benefit various aspects of your organization, from marketing innovation to maintaining employee well-being.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Sales Kickoffs

A sales kickoff may be the only time your team is together in person all year. It's critical to make the most of this prime opportunity for building relationships, engaging the team, carving our career paths and networking with others.
Better Forecasting Accuracy Is Achievable

Better Forecasting Accuracy Is Achievable – Here’s How

By addressing the factors hindering predictability, leaders can guide their teams toward success with visibility, clarity and purpose.
Designing a Customer-Centric Service and Support Organization

Designing a Customer-Centric Service and Support Organization

When building a customer-centric organizational structure, service leaders must consider designs that facilitate reps’ easy understanding of customer context in order to provide a quick resolution and break down silos between functions such as sales, marketing and product that hamper access to this knowledge.

The Role of Content Writing in Modern Sales Strategies

Good content is defined by the research behind it, the structure that it conforms to, as well as the absence of errors and imperfections.

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