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Using Question Timing to Guide Value-Based Selling

The timing and impact of questions, in conjunction with leveraging the elements of value, are the aspects that make value-based selling successful.

Empowering Sales Teams with SharePoint Dashboards

Sales data is only useful it's well organized. Sales dashboards are utilized as tools that help the sales team leverage the most viable data while also staying ahead of the competition.

Why Real-Time Feedback Is Vital to B2B Sales Performance

In this Q&A, Jen Allen, chief evangelist at Challenger, Inc., shares insights about the importance of more real-time feedback in the sales process to remove uncertainties.
How to Leverage Digital PR in 2022 to Benefit Your SEO Strategy

How to Leverage Digital PR in 2022 to Benefit Your SEO Strategy

Getting backlinks to your site from "reputable" websites is still a key way to improve organic search results. But Google's algorithms for identifying reputable websites is constantly in flux. As a result, businesses need to continually revise their approach to earning backlinks, and rethink their formerly tried-and-true methods.

5 Personal Qualities Necessary to Become a Successful Sales Manager

There’s a difference between becoming an average sales manager and a truly successful sales leader. Much of it depends on some important personality characteristics.
Why CMOs Should Champion Employee Engagement

Why CMOs Should Champion Employee Engagement

Data and analytics are going to transform the understanding and evaluation of the employee experience. The CMO has a critical role in this transformation.

3 Ways to Hone Your Ad Agency’s Niche

Although it might seem counterintuitive, doubling down on what you specialize in will open up growth opportunities for your agency. People seek out specialists because they trust their abilities and thought leadership. You can niche your agency by following these three steps.
Creating a Culture of Empowerment For Sales Teams Amid the Great Resignation

Train to Retain

Knowing how to attract, develop and retain high-level talent is invaluable amid the current market environment. The presence of a reliable, coach-like manager who displays a commitment to their personal development will make sellers a lot less inclined to seek employment elsewhere.

SEO Isn’t Always a Required Marketing Channel

SEO is an investment that should only be undertaken if it adds value and impact to your acquisition efforts.
Breaking Down Barriers: Becoming a Sales Leader as a Black Woman

Breaking Down Barriers: Becoming a Sales Leader as a Black Woman

Black women who are sales managers shouldn’t be the exception; we should be part of the rule. Here are the three ways I was able to break down those barriers on my journey to becoming a sales manager.

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