Gift Cards: Highly Valued and Highly Used

Employees want to feel valued and their employers are listening. According to the Q4 2022 Gift Card Gauge from Fiserv, 59% of employees note that their companies are rewarding them for good performance, up from 50% in 2021. Even more impressive, of those who work for companies that give rewards, 91% have received one, compared to 63% in 2021.

Gift Cards Remain a Popular Reward
Nine in 10 respondents say gift cards make an appropriate employee incentive or reward. Why do they like gift cards

Incentives Drive Employee Morale
Incentives and rewards are a good way for employers to encourage greater productivity and tenure among their employees. Respondents’ positive attitudes towards rewards and incentives reflect this:

Why Employees are Being Rewarded
U.S. employees say they’ve received incentives and rewards from their employer for a variety of reasons:

Freedom of Choice
Luxe Incentive’s online gift card catalog redefines non- cash rewards and recognition by providing recipients with the freedom to choose from a wide selection of options, ensuring a personalized and meaningful experience. For more info contact Jacque Busby,,

Fresh Meals at the Doorstep
Home Chef Gift Cards are a great way to recognize top performers or thank channel partners and clients. Gift cards can be redeemed for classic meal kits or convenient, oven-ready fresh options. Meals can be customized to suit any special needs. Tasty meals are delivered to recipients’ doorstep. Discounts for bulk orders and gift cards can be customized. Contact: Benita Johnson, senior gift card manager, Home Chef, 816-645-6664 or email

Maui Jim
Provide your recipient access to one non-prescription pair of sunglasses from the Maui Jim website for one pre-negotiated price. This program is not a traditional gift- card with a dollar-denominated value; rather, the card is redeemable for ANY pair, irrespective of retail cost. Contact Maui Jim Corporate Gift Cards at 800-614-6790, email or visit mauijimcorporategifts. com.


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