How to Future-Proof Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Lytle is presenting a free webinar on How to Future-Proof Your Sales & Marketing Strategy for Sales & Marketing Management Connect.

If you had a crystal ball that could predict the future, how would you use it to shape your sales and marketing strategy and build your team? Visionary entrepreneur and founder of insurance giant Anthem, Ben Lytle, presents what you need to know to succeed in the 21st century. This riveting webinar is based on his prescient new book, “The Potentialist: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years.”

Lytle will provide a roadmap for tomorrow’s marketing and sales leaders and will discuss:

  • Leadership: The Top 7 new world realities leaders will face in the coming years.
  • Customer Experience: How new technologies might provide a seamless experience.
  • Collaboration: Everything is about to change. Here’s why removing barriers to collaboration will open up new paths of innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship: The traditional 9-to-5 career model is over. Here’s what’s next.
  • Branding: Ways to exponentially increase relationships—and make branding a whole new ballgame.

The way we work and jobs we perform will transform in the coming decades, and how you respond will mark the difference between your company setting trends or becoming irrelevant. This isn’t a warning; it’s your chance to seize opportunity.

The webinar is scheduled for December 13 at 11 a.m. PT.

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