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AI FYI: Where is the technology taking B2B sales?

December 2023

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Beyond the AI Mirage: How Marketers Can Turn Potential into Performance

Despite its immense potential, AI adoption in marketing is hampered by several critical factors. For those marketers unsure about where to get started, here is a roadmap that can help.

Riches in Niches: How to Use AI for Sales Insights

Using AI for sales efficiency gives your sales team a toolbox of resources available to understand a specific market and get to know the patterns, trends and behaviors of their target audience.

AI Is Forcing Shifts In Hiring Strategies

HR professionals, managers and anyone else who has a hand in hiring must proactively plan for rapidly changing skill set requirements driven by AI adoption, starting with adjusting job descriptions.

How Generative AI Will Revolutionize B2B Sales

A conversation with Gartner Analyst Adnan Zijadic on how artificial intelligence has already changed B2B sales and will continue to.

AI and the Art of the Deal

Traditionally driven by human intuition and relationship building, the sales landscape is now augmented by algorithms and machine learning models that promise to support and reform our approach to sales.

Workforce Training for the AI Era

The rapid adoption of AI is quickening the pace necessary to retrain workers across all departments. Whose job is it and how is it best tackled?

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