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Cracking the Sales Compensation Code

December 2021

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Do You Know What Makes Reps Happy or Frustrated?

To have success hiring and holding on to top sales talent, it’s imperative that companies understand what matters most to sales professionals.

Cracking the Sales Compensation Code

Companies with low turnover rates are led by executives who understand that money alone is no longer an effective recruitment and retention tool.

4 Shifts In Sales Compensation

From team-based sales to varying prospect conversations based on the data available and the unique customer needs, selling is constantly experiencing significant shifts. Blindly applying a "what worked last year will work this year" approach to compensation is a trap that needs to be avoided.

When Self-Motivation Works Against Companies

Many salespeople have the same characteristics that are leading to a rush of people starting their own businesses. In the hunt for top sales talent, companies have to offer something better than current and future employees can create for themselves.

How to Combat the Great Resignation and Attract Top Talent

A recruitment and staffing veteran shares five ways to hire and keep top talent during a time when that is proving more challenging than ever before.

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