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Ready for a Rebound

April 2024

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Ready for a Rebound

A slow sales period doesn't have to crash the whole year. Rebounding from a sales slump requires understanding what you can control and taking those steps.

Regaining a Big-Hitter’s Mindset

Jermaine Curtis had a cup of coffee in the Major Leagues, but his tips for breaking a hitting slump can be applied to a sales slump as well.

4 Steps to Reigniting Unmotivated Workers

Sales slumps can be the result of disengagement by sales reps. Here are four areas that sales managers can focus on to re-energize their team members.

Ruminating on Rebounding

From reassessing your tech tools to pinpointing what skills need to be improved, here's what B2B sales and marketing professionals told us about turning around a slow sales period.

Where to Begin Sales Training? Ask Those Being Trained

By asking your reps what they want to learn to improve their performance, you engage your entire team and foster a collaborative approach to getting better collectively.

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