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The New ABC: Always Be Credible

September 2023

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Got Credibility? Shout It Out!

Sales professionals focus on qualifying prospects and too often fail to realize that the prospects are qualifying them.

The New ABC of Selling: Always Be Credible

In B2B sales, salespeople have a driving need to be seen as trusted advisors. You can’t earn trust unless you are first perceived as having a high degree of credibility.

What Buyers Want From Sellers

Are your prospects ignoring your calls and email messages? That’s not unusual. To attract their attention, consider the situation from their perspective. In a...

6 Tips to Build a Strong Online Presence

Building a solid online presence is not just for businesses. It’s a must for every online community member, whether you’re a business owner, social...

One-Up and the Power of Authority

Imagine you are a manager (who isn’t in sales) and the results you are responsible for producing have become increasingly difficult to achieve. The...

5 Ways to Build (and Lose) Credibility in Your Sales Emails

Email doesn’t seem to get any respect these days.

Delight Your Customer with Exceptional Service Levels

It’s 3:30 a.m. and my public relations client, an aerobatic air show pilot, is heading out in the black of night onto the air...

The Secret to Getting All the Referrals You Could Ever Hope For

Everyone in management will tell every salesperson to “ask for referrals” or “don’t forget to ask for referrals” or worse,“as soon as you make...

How Credible are You?

Assign yourself one of these three point values only: Always: 5 points Sometimes: 2 points I don’t know/don’t think so: 0 points 1. I can describe why others...

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