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Why Your Incentive Plan Isn’t Working

March 2024

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Why Your Incentive Plan Isn’t Working

Why do some sales incentive efforts produce stellar results and others fail? There are a number of factors, but clarity of rules, achievable goals and attractive incentives are good starting points.

Money Isn’t the Only Motivator

Five types of workplace recognition that employees say are the most memorable.

Ingredients for a Successful Sales Incentive Program

Strategies for building a better sales incentive program that captures your sales force’s attention and ensures sustained success.

Gift Cards Motivate Skills Building

A recent survey of Sales & Marketing Management readers showed a significant percentage of them use gift cards to motivate their employees to complete training. A closer look at the statistics.

Review and Tweak Incentive Campaigns Regularly

Regular assessment of incentive efforts is critical, and it can be wise to change things up from one campaign to the next even when you have enjoyed success.

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