Trendspotting within the branded currency world

Branded currency — gift cards, incentive points, credits and other non-cash platforms that businesses use for loyalty and incentive programs — have never been more popular. It’s important for companies that use branded currency in their promotional and recognition efforts to stay on top of the trends. That’s the stated purpose of the Flourish Conference, an educational event that is dedicated to understanding developments within the branded currency world. The third annual event is scheduled for April 1-3 at the Gwen Hotel in Chicago.

We asked Flourish Conference co-founder Kristen Thiry to share some insights about the conference and how attendees benefit from it.

Q: What is the Flourish Conference?

Thiry: Flourish brings together top retailers and service providers in the gift card, loyalty, incentive and promotional value space to shape the future of the branded currency industry. Flourish has quickly grown to be the must-attend branded currency conference. The Flourish Conference offers three days of new, focused content to help attendees understand how to better grow their business using branded currency. Because we believe relationships are the key to growth, we integrate strategically developed networking times and opportunities throughout the conference so attendees don’t feel the need to have to choose between content or meetings.

Q: Who is the target audience?

Thiry: Flourish is for anyone who works with gift cards, payments, loyalty/incentive points, coupons, promotional codes, credits or anything that allows a customer to exchange for a retailer’s goods, also known as branded currency.

Q: What are the benefits of attending?

Thiry: Attendees gain new insights into how the flexibility of branded currency can meet their specific business goals. The Flourish Conference is designed to empower attendees with fast-action steps they can use immediately to start seeing results, as well as long-term strategy tools for sustained growth. What truly sets this conference apart is the accessibility to key decision makers. With 350 registrants, people can easily connect and expand their network without feeling lost in a crowd. Further, attendees know that by attending Flourish, they have a real opportunity to influence their industry.

Q: What will be highlighted in educational sessions and keynote addresses?

Thiry: This year, we have a focus on embracing and enhancing the experiential elements of branded currency. With an opening keynote presentation by Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association, attendees will walk away with new ideas on implementing and integrating branded currency to create an enhanced consumer experience. Additionally, we are presenting new information based on generational behaviors, introducing a focused international theme with topics about what Brexit means for the industry and the state of branded currency in Canada, as well as some brand new tools for understanding the value of these programs.

Q: Where can someone find out more about the conference? They can follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook @flourishcon and on Instagram @flourish_conf


Flourish Conference on the Growth of Branded Currency

April 1-3, 2019

Gwen Hotel, Chicago

Why attend:
Gain new insights into how the flexibility of branded currency can meet your specific business goals.

More information:

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